4 Typical Travel Outfits (And What Yours Says About You)

4 Typical Travel Outfits (And What Yours Says About You)

What you wear when you travel says almost as much about you as where you’re traveling to. Some people use getting on a plane as an excuse to wear their… read more

7 Straw Bags You Need For Summer

All the fun this summer has in store calls for a new bag. Your standard leather bag may feel too formal, but you don’t trust that flimsy canvas tote to… read more

4 Outfit Ideas for Summer Dates

Choosing the perfect outfit for a date is already a difficult task. But when combined with factors like summer heat and not knowing exactly where your date is taking you,… read more

DIY: 6 Boozy Popsicles You Need to Make

Summer is fast approaching and whether you’re lounging out at the pool in Palm Springs or hosting that pool party with your girlfriends, there’s always that question of “What should… read more

The Best Pastel Hair for Summer 2017

Looking for a new summer look? Candy colored hair has become the summer hair trend. Channel your inner unicorn by dyeing your locks with every pastel on the spectrum. Or… read more

How to Wear Mules

Mules are nothing new, but have been making a huge impact on the fashion scene lately. On top of being extremely versatile and comfortable, mules have that Parisian chic style,… read more

16 Ways to Dress Up Your Desk

Brace yourself for the following statistic: The average person will spend 90,000 hours of their lifetime at their job. Not only is that a lot of time to be doing… read more

Mastering the Art of Your Instagram Brand and Aesthetics

In the world of Instagram, it’s hard to differentiate yourself out of millions of users. Whether it’s your personal account, your blog, or your business, mastering the art of Instagram… read more

Festival Style Ideas and Where to Find Them

The festival experience has become almost legendary for music lovers everywhere. While the featured bands, artists and DJs are of the utmost importance to the average festival attendee, the perfect… read more

10 Beauty Subscription Boxes You Need

Opening up a gift and not knowing what will be inside gives all of us a small thrill. One of our favorite splurges are monthly beauty subscription boxes that always… read more

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