10 Things to Check Off Your Summer Bucket List

The end of summer is near. Although fall is around the corner, there’s no better time to make the remaining dog days memorable before returning to our hectic schedules. That’s right. It’s time to get up off the couch, stop binge-watching TV (sorry Netflix), and get out there and make some memories! Here are 10 things to check off your bucket list before Summer ‘16 comes to a close.

1. Go to Vegas 


We get it. When in Vegas, it’s “go big or go home,” but you don’t have to spend hundreds to have fun! Set a budget for the necessities such as the hotel, food, and transportation. You can contact a club promoter for access to all the cool clubs and pool parties (Pro tip: Having more girls than guys in your group makes this process a whole lot easier).  Play myVegas Slots weeks before you go to Vegas, so you can redeem real rewards including discounted hotel rates, 2-for-1 buffets, 2-for-1 show tickets, or a complimentary dessert!

2. Teach Yourself Something New

Do you want to learn how to cook? Play an instrument? Pick up a new language? Now is the time to make the things you’ve been putting off on your to-do list actually happen! Download Duolingo, a free language learning app, or watch Youtube videos to learn recipes step-by-step.

3. Go to a Theme Park


Summer’s not complete unless you visit at least one theme park. Visit a waterpark to cool off from the summer heat or choose a park with roller coasters galore to make your thrill-seeking dreams come true. We’re looking forward to experiencing Harry Potter World in Universal Studios and trying the infamous butterbeer and Bertie Botts Every-Flavour Beans!

4. Get CPR Certified

Take CPR classes and earn your certification, because you never know when this skill could come in handy.

5. Watch a Scary Movie with Friends

Grab your friends to watch a horror flick in theaters or at home! We’ve got our eyes on Lights Out which is now playing in theaters. Adapted from the short film of the same name, this horror film will keep you on your toes from start to finish. Unless you’re a horror fanatic, we recommend not watching this movie alone.

6. Volunteer

Take some time to help others. Spend the day reading books to children at a children’s hospital, visit senior citizens at an assisted living home, or sort donated food products at a food bank. Not only will you be helping others, you will also feel good for giving back.

7. Be a Vegan/Vegetarian for a Week


We love our burgers and hot dogs, but this summer, attending one too many bbqs can leave us feeling sluggish and bloated. Vegetarian or vegan fare requires more prep time but can be simple and fun. Even if you decide at the end of the week that it’s not for you, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever culinary endeavors the fall may bring.

8. Shave Your Head

Challenge yourself to be bold and daring! Shave your hair or get a cute lob and donate your locks; you’ll get a sense of liberation that you can’t get from anything else. If you’re worried about your appearance, just remember that it is just hair and it will grow back!

9. Go on the Hunt for the Best Fries 


Go on a road trip to find the best french fries (or any other food worthy of a drive). Take photos of your order from each location, rate it, and share your findings!

10. Take More Cat Naps

When you’re not out doing something, put your phone away and utilize your free time to nap! Keep all electronics off and out of reach so you’re not tempted to look at it. Sleep anywhere (your bed, the couch, someone else’s bed, yoga mat, hammock, or under an umbrella at the beach)! Seize the opportunity now before your days become packed!

This summer, make the most out of every day by challenging yourself to do something new. But don’t fret if you choose to lounge at home in your pajamas and binge watch tv shows because some days that’s what we need.