10 Things Under $20 that Every Girl Needs in Her Purse

There always seems to be something wrong with our purse: we either never have what we need, or we carry around too many unnecessary items that do nothing but weigh us down. From unused loyalty cards to old receipts, simplify your life and pare down to the essentials. All you need on a daily basis are useful, inexpensive items to help you get around. Here are 10 essential items under $20 that every girl needs in her purse.

1. A Signature Pair of Sunglasses

Purse Items; Sunglasses

Having a pair of sunglasses on hand is practical for more than one reason. Whether you’re driving and it’s super sunny out or you need a disguise so you don’t have to talk to someone you ran into at the mall, a pair of sunglasses will definitely come in handy. Choose an affordable pair and be sure to store it in a pouch or case when not in use!

Our Pick: Oversize Thin Cross Brow Mirrored Flat Sunglasses, ZeroUV $10.95

2. Lip Balm

Purse Items; Lip Balm

You never know when your lips are going to get chapped. Having moisturizing lip balm in your purse is a serious lifesaver when your pout starts to feel dry! The lip balms from Maybelline come in 6 colors, too, so you can touch up your look while soothing your lips. It’s a win-win.

Our Pick: Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm, Target $2.69

3. Matte Lip Gloss

Purse Items; Lip Gloss

Having a little bit of matte lip gloss is essential for touching up your face or switching up your look throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for a nude look for the office or a sultry hue for the evening, having one (or more!) options on hand will help you transition your look flawlessly. We love a matte lip gloss since it stays put even in the messiest situations.

Our Pick: Out and About, Colourpop $15

4. Hand Sanitizer

Purse; Hand Sanitizer

The most underrated product to carry around, hand sanitizers are lifesavers – literally. With all of the things we do on a day to day basis, like eating out or filling up at a gas station, we touch a lot of stuff. Having hand sanitizer and applying it regularly is a good habit to have.  These days, hand sanitizers come in all kinds of sizes and scents, so there’s no excuse not to carry them around.

Our Pick: America’s Favorites, Bath & Body Works $6

5. Credit Card Holder

Purse Items; Credit Card Holder

There is nothing worse than a bulky wallet weighing you down. In fact, with so much stuff in your purse at any given time, it’s best to keep things pared down as much as possible.. You can do just that with a credit card holder. What’s great about them is that they help you narrow down what’s important, rather than carrying around dozens of unnecessary loyalty punch cards and coins.

Our Pick: Credit Card Holder, Express $14.90

6. Portable Phone Charger

Purse Items; Extra Battery Charger

Have you ever had to take a really important call or find directions to your next meeting, only to find that your phone only has 5% battery left? Never let it happen again by carrying around a portable phone charger. Most versions are lightweight and can hold at least one full phone charge, allowing you to get through your day without having to disconnect.

Our Pick: Tzumi PocketJuice Portable Charger, BestBuy $19.99

7. Mints

Purse Items; Mints

About to go on a date with someone after work, only to realize that you have garlic breath from lunch? Pop a mint! Carrying mints around not only saves you from awkward bad breath encounters, it also allows you to be the hero that offers mints to other people when they need one most. We love these green tea mints, which takes a twist on the standard mint with its refreshing hints of green tea.

Our Pick: Moroccan Mint Green Tea Mints, Thrive Market $3.45

8. Pens

Purse Items; Pens

Whether you’re bustling around the grocery store and checking off tonight’s ingredients for dinner, or just writing some quick notes in the car, never go without a pen again. It’s such an overlooked item, but in times of an emergency, it’ll be the most useful thing in your bag.

Our Pick: Like a Boss Pen Set, Etsy $5

9. Journal or Planner

Purse Items; Journal

What good is a pen without something to write on it with? Whether you need to jot down a brilliant idea, make a list, or take some notes, carrying around a notebook or planner will help you keep all your daily thoughts and ideas in one place.

Our Pick: Floral Journal, Etsy $9

10. Lotion

Purse Items; Lotion

Sometimes, your skin craves a little pick-me-up. You never know when you’ll need some hydration or a quick boost of fragrance, so a little travel-sized bottle of lotion will do just the trick. This lavender scented lotion from Real Purity is creamy and sweet, and it’ll help you perk up your skin in seconds when you’re on the go.

Our Pick: Lavender Travel Size Lotion, Real Purity $3.99