15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own

Let’s talk about a subject that is very near and dear to our hearts: shoes.

We’re all guilty of owning a few too many pairs of shoes (because we just have to have pumps in every color), but realistically we only ending up wearing maybe about a third of our collection. So, to make things a little easier, we’ve decided to zero in on the 15 shoe essentials every woman should have in her closet. Seasons come and go and trends are forever changing, but having these classic styles in your wardrobe will ensure that you’ve got a foolproof pair to work with anything.

From wear-with-anything black pumps to comfy-casual sneakers, here are 15 essential shoes that should be in your closet:

  1. Black Pumps (Pointy-Toe or Rounded)
    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Black Pumps

    Our pick: Steve Madden Proto Pumps $99.95

    Let’s start with the most essential pair of shoes ever. Black pumps are a vital part of every girl’s closet because they can be worn at work, interviews, casually, and with just about anything. Hello chic!

  2. Nude Heels (Closed-Toe or Open-Toe)
    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Nude Heels

    Our pick: Charlotte Russe Pointed Toe D’Orsay Pumps $30.99

    It is safe to say that a nude heel is a perfect day-to-night pair. Nude heels make your legs look longer, make any outfit look instantly more sophisticated, and pair well with anything.

  3. Flat Ankle Boots

    Our pick: Forever 21 Faux Suede Ankle Booties $34.90

    An all-season shoe, flat ankle boots are comfortable, can be dressed up or dressed down, and are pretty awesome when paired with anything from denim to a flowy dress.

  4. Booties

    Our pick: Kohl’s ShoeMint Suede Ankle Booties $59.99

    Booties are like being able to wear heels without having to fully commit to the pain. Have plans with the girlfriends or are you heading to the club but you know you’re gonna have to stand in line for forever? Booties are the perfect compromise. You still get the sexiness of wearing heels without the brutal effort of trudging around in stilettos. What could get better than that?

  5. Classic Riding Boots

    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Classic Riding Boots
    Our pick: Overstock Buckle Riding Boot $54.99

    Riding boots are a staple pair for your closet because they are go-to shoes during transitional weather. Especially needed during fall and winter, they are the pair you need to rough it out on the streets and still feel comfortable and warm.

  6. Flat Sandals

     15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Flat Sandals
    Our pick: Bloomingdales Tory Burch Selma Sandals $150

    Sometimes taking a break from heels and slipping into something effortless and easy sounds perfect. A pair of flat sandals is what you need in your closet because they come to your rescue during lazy days and casual affairs.

  7. Wedges

    Our pick: Amazon Carlos Malor Wedges $88.95

    Wedges are the most versatile pair of them all. You can wear them for a party, or with your denim, giving you plenty of options. Not to mention they are comfortable and easy to walk in.

  8. Metallic Pumps

    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Metallic Pumps
    Our pick: Macy’s Charles David Pact Pumps $99

    We think this would be a fun but essential shoe for your closet. Metallic pumps are awesome because they are eccentric but still classic enough to pair with anything and look chic, not tacky. It’s a perfect way to add some subtle personality to any ensemble.

  9. Sneakers/Slip Ons

    Our pick: Michael Kors Jake Leather Sneakers $198

    With sneakers being such a trend today, they definitely make the list. Sometimes you just need a break from the heels, and sneakers are there to welcome your tired feet whenever you’re just over it. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner don’t shy away from wearing them almost every day, and a good pair of kicks looks street chic with just about anything.

  10. Ballet Flats

    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Ballet Flats
    Our pick: Forever 21 Ballet Flats $17.90

    Another classic pair that will forever come to your rescue. Flats are a comfortable solution when you want to look put together and professional without heels.

  11. Oxfords

    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Oxfords
    Our pick: Modcloth $79.99

    Smart meets preppy is the feeling you get when pairing these shoes up with your outfits. You can also go from office to off-duty effortlessly with this pair. Need we say more?

  12. Animal Print Heels

    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Animal Print Heels
    Our pick: Steve Madden Stunningg $79.95

    Sleek and sexy is what we think of when we put on these bad boys. A popular pair of heels that make you stand out while strutting down the streets, these babies won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Add a red lip and you’re good to go anywhere, anytime. It’s as simple as that.

  13. Short-Stacked Heels
    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Short-Stacked Heels
    Our pick: Nordstorm Steve Madden Rosana Sandal $99.95

    These 90’s babies are back and aren’t going away anytime soon. Short-stacked heels provide comfort and the ability to wear them all day.

  14. Statement Heels

    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Statement Heels
    Our pick: Steve Madden Fringly $129.95

    Everyone needs a pair of heels to steal the spotlight in! Keep the rest of your look simple so the focus can be on these babies.

  15. Rain Boots (Wellies)

    15 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Must Own - Rain-Boots (Wellies)
    Our pick: DSW Sakroots Rythym Rain Boot $39.95

    Nothing is worse than having nothing to wear when it’s pouring outside. Investing in a cute pair of rainboots ensures that you have a go-to whenever the weather gets rough.

With these 15 pairs of classic shoes in your closet, you’ll be armed and ready for anything. So ladies, maybe before you go out and buy some super trendy almost-out-of-season thigh-high gladiator sandals that cost $200, perhaps consult this list instead, and put that well-earned cash toward an essential pair that you don’t yet have in your collection. Your style and your wallet might just thank you!