16 Ways to Dress Up Your Desk

Brace yourself for the following statistic: The average person will spend 90,000 hours of their lifetime at their job. Not only is that a lot of time to be doing something, it’s also a lot of time to be sitting somewhere. Make the workweek a little more bearable by turning your desk into a personal oasis.  

If you’re all about the hustle

In more traditional industries, your desk should reflect the professionalism of your employer and workplace. Focus on neutrals and metallics to create a workspace that is chic without seeming out of place. Keep any novelty or personal items to a minimum, instead choosing pieces with function and purpose.

Letter sorter | $18


This letter sorter looks great and keeps clutter off your desk. Organize forms and documents by action dates to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Hour glass | $18


Time is money, and what better reminder than an hourglass? This one-minute timer will calm your mind as the magnetic sand creates mesmerizing formations.

Simple business card holder | $20


Keep business cards easily accessible with this petite card holder. Never be caught rummaging through your desk drawers or even worse, the bottom of your purse, to get your information to an important client.

Leather mouse pad | $49


If you spend a great deal of your time at the computer, give your wrist a break with this sleek and ergonomic mousepad. You’ll be surprised what a difference such a small shift will make.

If you work on the go

As freelance and remote work becomes more common, coffee shops and lounge chairs can be offices too. Just because you’re never in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t work in style. Choose staples that are easily portable and let those around you know that you’re wiring in.

Lap desk | $99 


Use this light and transportable lap desk to prevent your laptop from overheating and keep all your tech in one space. Made of bamboo, this working accessory can be easily tossed in a backpack or carry on.

Laptop sleeve | $75


If you’re working remotely, your entire livelihood is probably dependent on your laptop. Keep it safe from the rigors and elements of daily life by using a chic and recognizable sleeve.

Wireless headphones | $145


These distraction blockers are a necessary component of your traveling workstation. Just as you aren’t tied down by a single office space, keep the freedom going by ditching headphone wires. This particular pair can go a whole 14 hours before they need a charge, and are perfect for blocking out ambient noise.

Pocket Notebook | $8 


Technology is great, but sometimes an old-fashioned notepad and pen are the best places to capture your daily breakthroughs. This little notebook captures a love for travel and makes sure your little inspirations never escape you.

If you live for visual inspiration

If Michelangelo was sitting in a cubicle, would he have dreamed up the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Okay, so your work may not be as lasting, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from some daily inspiration. Not only is your desk a great way to show your work personality, little touches can serve as mood boosters to put you in a more innovative mindset.

Peg Board | $29


Whether you prefer inspirational quotes or motivational messages, use this board to show off your daily mantra. Whenever you’re feeling frustrated or stuck, just glance up for a little reminder of where your passion comes from.

Banana leaf mouse pad | $8 


A little pattern under your mouse is a super simple way to add some personality to your desk. We love the deep green of banana leafs, and this pattern looks great alongside almost any desk theme.

Photo holders | $70 


Remind yourself where your inspiration comes from with these teeny tiny print holders.Whether it’s a pattern or a photo, these geographic stands are perfect for those who are constantly evolving. 

File folders | $10


These cheeky and bright folders will keep your work organized and put a smile on your face. The watercolor text feels fresh and young. Maybe just keep the “Don’t Want To Do” option out of your boss’s sight.

If you love clean spaces and minimal distraction

Even if there’s nothing you love more than a clear mind and clear to-do list, a completely clear desk will seem like you’re ready to give your two weeks notice on any given day. Minimal and functional items will make your desk feel more personalized without interrupting your mental flow.

Decorative concrete box | $44


Keep little accessories like paper clips or push pins out of sight with this concrete box. Buy more than one for an interesting interlocking design.

Charging dock | $60 


Hide distracting cables and make sure you’re never driving home on a dying battery thanks to this phone dock. It even comes with a lighting cable that coordinates with the color of the dock for complete color continuity.

Square grid | $59


The clean lines of this wall hanging will keep your most important documents front and center, while also keeping clutter off your desk. Clips and shelving let you create a custom inspiration board.

Buddha board | $15 


Clear your mind with this mini buddha board. Use water to create a temporary design or doodle to relieve your mind and re-center your focus.