4 Essential Scarves for Every Wardrobe

Four Essential Scarves for Every Wardrobe

Scarves are the ultimate accessory. How many other pieces in your wardrobe can you name that will keep you warm, stylish, and can pull together any outfit? The truth is, with just four types of scarves in your closet, there’s no outfit you can’t conquer. These 4 essentials will have you covered no matter the occasion.

The Statement Scarf

1. The Statement Scarf

This type of scarf will give even the dullest outfit the pop of color it deserves. The Statement Scarf is a wardrobe must-have because it can instantly punch up any basic “uniform” type of outfit (think jeans, tee and a blazer) into a crafted masterpiece. Choose a scarf in your favorite color or print that embodies you. This is where your love for brilliant colors, or perhaps beautiful prints and flowers can shine through. Let your Statement Scarf identify your signature look and be your go-to when you’re looking for that missing piece. Once you choose a scarf that speaks to your personality, you are also giving people a statement piece to remember you for!


The Goes With Anything Scarf

2. The Goes With Anything Scarf

No wardrobe is complete without a scarf  that is versatile and a bit more neutral.  Grab it while you head out the door and you know it will always work with your getup. Choose a scarf in a classic color like gray, navy, camel, or black. Feeling a little more adventurous? Opt for a  striped or plaid pattern in a classic color. With a Goes With Anything Scarf, you’ll look stylish even on days when you’re already 30 minutes late. This scarf style is as trusty as your best friend, because it will always be there for you when you need it! (Just don’t replace your best friend.) 😉


The Never Ever Be Cold Scarf

3. The Never Ever Be Cold Scarf

Every woman should own at least one pashmina style wrap. Pashminas scarves, made from pashmina cashmere or viscose, are known for their stylish and warming attributes. These soft and cozy scarves are the ultimate warm accessory. Pashminas are perfect for cold winters, air conditioned rooms, and romantic evening strolls. The wide rectangular shape of a pashmina wrap makes it extremely versatile in terms of styling. Use it as a shawl, a traditional scarf, or even a make-shift table runner. Pashminas are available in a full spectrum of colors and patterns. We suggest picking a color that makes your eyes pop or a gorgeous jewel tone.


The Glam Scarf

4. The Glam Scarf

The Glam Scarf is important to have in your wardrobe for special occasions or to add a feeling of luxury to an everyday ensemble. Try a scarf with gold or metallic accents, rhinestones, or a fun animal print. This style of scarf makes a great accessory to a nice black coat or worn over a cocktail dress for a night on the town.

Now that you have the basics, your closet will be ready to accessorize for any occasion. A night out with the girls? Go glam! Sunday brunch with the family? The statement scarf is perfect. Maybe you and your honey have a star gazing date: grab your favorite pashmina and snuggle up. For a spontaneous trip to the grocery store, throw on your goes-with-anything scarf and stay warm as you reach for the cookies n’ cream ice cream. You will feel perfectly pulled together and confident for any occasion. It feels good to be prepared doesn’t it?

For some tips on how to tie these fabulous accessories, hop on over to this guide on Scarves.com and experiment with the unlimited possibilities!