4 Typical Travel Outfits (And What Yours Says About You)

What you wear when you travel says almost as much about you as where you’re traveling to. Some people use getting on a plane as an excuse to wear their pajamas in public and others make sure to wear something as fab as where they’re going. Throw on any of these typical travel outfits, and looking good on the plane will be easier than getting through security with pre-check.



If you’re into athleisure on your travel days, you keep up with the trends and own at least three Kylie lip kits.  Athleisure may be about comfort, but it doesn’t have to be sloppy. Build this look with a boxy hoodie, leggings, and shoes that are easy to slip on and off as you go through through security. Instead of your black leggings that are worn and faded, go for a more pigmented or pastel pair to make the outfit your own. Top it off with a label-free baseball cap for some cool-girl vibes.

Comfy and Casual


If this is your go-to look, you always check into your flight on time and never forget headphones. The ultimate in easy-to-wear style, you can build this travel uniform with only 4 pieces that you already own. Slouchy cardigan, striped top, boyfriend jeans, and slip on sneakers. Add a hold-all leather tote and you’re good to go. Perfectly practical, step off the plane and head straight to your hotel without having to stop in the bathroom to change your outfit.

Ready for Vacay


If this is what you’re traveling in, you’re a workaholic. You’ve been crossing off the days (or more likely, counting them on your iCal) in anticipation of your big trip. You’re so excited it’s finally here that you can’t wait to break out the bright colors. Try a striped jumpsuit with a denim jacket as a topper for a fresher look than your typical maxi dress. You’ll still look vacation ready, but you won’t freeze on the plane.

Straight Off the Runway


You describe yourself as bicoastal and constant travel is a part of your lifestyle. Flying in heels isn’t for everyone, but for you it’s a must. With this travel uniform it’s all in the accessories. On top of a simple base (think black jeans and a classic button-up) add a great jacket, statement bag, and some chic shoes to reach celebrity style status.

Whether travel is something you do once a year or you’re in airports more often than your own apartment, you’re sure to be best dressed at your gate when you don any of these outfits.