5 Healthy Drinks That Aren’t a Vodka Tonic

One of the many things that sucks when trying to live a healthier lifestyle is when you go out with your friends. Yes, there are healthy alternatives to several of your favorite foods, but what about when you go out for drinks?

When most cocktails range from 200-700 calories, going out for drinks when you’re watching your calorie intake can be killer. To help you join in on the fun without totally wrecking your healthy lifestyle, here are 5 drinks that you can order without feeling so guilty (but of course, everything in moderation, right…?).

1. Sea Breeze


If you like sticking to your vodka-cranberry, this drink doesn’t stray too far in terms of flavor! A Sea Breeze is made with grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and vodka. Even though it isn’t a huge change from a vodka-cranberry, it still shakes things up a bit. The grapefruit juice adds another element of tartness and sweetness that goes well with the cranberry. Even with the addition of another fruit juice, the calories in a Sea Breeze aren’t that bad compared to most cocktails.

Calories: 180

2. Mint Mojito


This is one of the most refreshing cocktails out there. Traditionally, this drink is made with mint, lime, soda water, a shot of rum (100 cal.), and simple syrup. If you want to cut the calories in this cocktail, ask the bartender to take out the simple syrup (if you like strong drinks) or cut back on how much he adds. Since most of the ingredients in this drink are pretty decent besides the rum and syrup, it is a pretty good go-to when trying to be healthy.

Calories: 150

3. Gin and Tonic


This is a very straightforward drink that doesn’t use any of those sugary simple syrups that you find in most cocktails. If you like your drink strong, go for the gin and tonic. This beverage does have a bitter taste to it if you’re not used to it, but adding a couple of limes will help cut that bitterness! To make it even “healthier,” you can try asking the bartender to use a diet tonic rather than the regular one (or opt for a gin and club soda).

Calories: 148

4. Green Apple Martini


When we think about “happy hour” the drink that pops into our head first would probably be the martini. An apple martini is a great choice for a cocktail because it does have fewer sugary additives  compared to other cocktails. Not only is the calorie intake lower than most drinks, a green apple martini just screams Sex and the City.

Calories: 148

5. Rum and Diet Coke


We all know that soda is full of sugar, but the sweet fizziness mixed with hard alcohol makes for a great combination, and there’s no denying that. While rum and Coke are about 150 calories, you can cut down the calories by switching to a diet Coke. You still get the caffeine, fizziness, sweetness, and coke taste with less regret!

Calories: 96

These are great alternatives to your typical sugar-filled cocktails, so rest assured that you don’t have to deny your next invite for drinks! Choose one of these healthier cocktails, drink responsibly, and don’t let calories dictate whether you have a good time.