8 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer usually means basking in the warm sunshine while attending music festivals, backyard barbecues, or poolside rendezvous. Although the longer, sunnier days give us more time to enjoy the outdoor festivities, we also want to keep our skin protected and always look camera-ready! Here are eight summer beauty essentials that will help to keep your makeup flawless, skin soft, and hair silky all season long.

1. What: L’Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Primer


$13 from L’Oreal Paris

Why: The L’Oreal primer is a perfect addition to your beauty routine. Apply it before you add makeup (or even in place of makeup!), because it hides pores and keeps makeup from settling into laugh lines. The lightweight formula leaves a flawless matte finish and eliminates shine, which is crucial in the hot summer months.This drugstore brand beats its more expensive counterparts in getting the job done without breaking the bank!

2. What: Lush Sea Spray


$13.95 from Lush

Why: Not only does this spray leave your hair smelling amazing from the neroli oil perfume, but it also gives your hair some much needed love and volume. The sea salt helps you get soft, beachy texture and the neroli oil has a calming and relaxing scent. Soaking in the sun can be harmful to your skin and hair. This hair mist gives it the much needed oomph without any damaging effects!

3. What: Kuumba Made Vanilla Musk Perfume Oil 


$10 from Kuumba Made

Why: If you’re searching for a summer scent that is light, floral, and lingers for hours, then look no further because Kuumba Made’s perfume oil collection meets all those expectations. The Vanilla Musk is one of our favorites because it doesn’t have a typical sweet vanilla scent. Apply to your pulse points (wrist, behind the ears,inside of elbow) for a summery scent you can wear all year long.

4. What: The Body Shop’s Lip Liner in Coral Blush


$10.50 from The Body Shop

Why: The Body Shop’s liners are handy, especially if you are running late for a dinner date with your girlfriends. Our color pick would have to be Coral Blush, a subtle shade that gives your lips longer staying power for your favorite summertime lipsticks. You can also wear this shade on its own by filling it in, giving your lips a quick boost when you’re on the go. What makes this product truly special is that it’s not tested on animals, so you can look good and feel good about your purchase.

5. What: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips in Cranberry Stiletto


$20 from Beauty Bakerie

Why: Whether you’re swimming at the beach with a date, or eating a juicy burger at a backyard barbecue, this lipstick is guaranteed to endure whatever activities come your way. Beauty Bakerie, an independent makeup brand, is a game changer when it comes to lipsticks! Their products are heavily pigmented and will survive anything with little to no touchups. The lipstick glides on as liquid and quickly dries matte. We are in love with the dessert-themed colors, especially Cranberry Stiletto or Raspberry Tiramisu for the fall and Hawaiian Cheesecake or Sakura Delight for summer. But whatever season it is, you’ll find us wearing this year-round because their products are 100% gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

6. What: MyChelle Sun Shield Unscented SPF 28


$15 from MyChelle

Why: Looking for a sunscreen that won’t leave greasy residue? The Mychelle sunscreen smoothly blends and moisturizes into the skin, leaving a matte finish which is imperative for the summer. This vegan product is formulated for all skin types and stays put even through sweat. We recommend using this sunscreen as the first step to a beauty routine because it also does double duty and leaves the skin feeling like a smooth, blank canvas for your makeup.

7. What: Body Brush


$12 from The Body Shop

Why: Throw out that unraveled loofah and replace it with a body brush. Using a body brush in the shower gives the skin a smoother, brighter feel while eliminating toxins. In addition, regular body brushing helps to remove ingrown hairs so you can always be bikini ready!

8. What: Coconut Oil


$6 from Trader Joe’s in-store

Why: During the summer, we take extra precautions to protect our skin from the damaging UV rays, but some of us may be guilty of neglecting our hair. Coconut oil should be a product in every woman’s arsenal. It has a laundry list of benefits, with perks for your scalp and hair being just two of them. All the swimming trips to the pool can strip our hair of natural oils, leaving it brittle because of the chlorine water. Apply coconut oil as a hair mask and leave it on for 30-60 minutes before showering; for intensive repair, leave it on overnight. This will rejuvenate your hair, bringing it back to life. Some of the other benefits are that it helps fight dandruff by removing sebum build-up and nourishing the scalp, which is a completely natural and chemical-free method to grow longer, thicker, healthier hair.

With these warm weather essentials that are useful year-round, you will be set to beat the heat! These staples will keep your skin smooth and protected, hair shiny and voluminous, and lips bold and waterproof for all the sunny days ahead.