9 Books on Our Radar for 2016

Books are wonderful. A good one grabs you and doesn’t let go, whisking you away to places you’ve never been and introducing you to people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. But, we often opt for social media, online shopping, or Netflix when we’re bored, leaving our books to collect dust on the shelf. Sometimes, all it takes is one good story to get you reading again. We’ve pulled together a list of all the books we can’t wait to sink our teeth into this year. So, whether you’re an avid reader already and you just haven’t had time to devour a new story in a while, or you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to read more, perhaps one of these sure-to-be-bestsellers will get you going. Which book are you most excited to read this year? Odds are we’ll be reading it right along with you!

1. American Housewife by Helen Ellis

If you’re a sucker for strong, unforgettable characters, this is the short story collection for you. Ellis’ commentary on womanhood and femininity will keep you hooked. Also, it’s supposed to be unapologetically hilarious.

American Housewife

2. You Should Pity Us Instead by Amy Gustine

Another funny and honest short story collection, You Should Pity Us Instead will draw you in with the overarching theme of parent-child relationships. With its wide range of settings and subjects, there is absolutely no way you could get bored of this page-turner.

You Should Pity Us Instead

3. Cities I’ve Never Lived In by Sara Majka

A recently divorced woman traveling around the country to try and find herself? Sounds good to us. However, brace yourselves for some serious wanderlust to ensue.

Cities I've Never Lived In

4. My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout

When Lucy Barton goes into the hospital for appendicitis but falls prey to a mysterious fever, the stage is set for her to reconcile with her estranged mother. Who doesn’t love a good mother/daughter story?

My Name is Lucy Barton

5. Wreck and Order by Hannah Tennant-Moore

While traveling, self-destructive and impulsive Elsie searches for happiness…and herself. It’s pretty much Eat, Pray, Love 2.0.

Wreck and Order

6. The Word for Yes by Claire Needell

This one’s for those of us who can’t quite let go of YA novels just yet. The Word for Yes follows three sisters trying to cope with their father leaving and their mother trying too hard to move on. Family drama at its finest.

The Word for Yes

7. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

If you’re feeling like some historical fiction, pick up Salt to the Sea. Refugees on board the Wilhelm Gustloff become friends while desperately anticipating their freedom, but quickly end up fighting for survival. A historical Hunger Games? We’ll find out.

Salt to the Sea

8. The Children’s Home by Charles Lambert

This one’s for all the horror fans. A disfigured recluse named Morgan lives on an isolated estate. Enter two strange children who seem to know everything about his house…and him. We can pretty much guarantee that we won’t be reading this one at night…

The Children's Home

9. The Sleep Garden by Jim Krusoe

Ever wonder what happens between life and death? Jim Krusoe tackles this question and more through interconnected stories of souls in limbo.

The Sleep Garden


Whether you’re into psychological thrillers, familial dramas, or stories of self-discovery, there’s a book coming out this year that’s sure to be perfect for you. So take a seat in your favorite chair, grab your coffee or tea, and try one or all of these reads.