9 Ways to Transform Your Scarf into a Sarong

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: 9 Ways to Transform Your Scarf


The chilly weather of winter and spring are behind us. Now, we can finally pack away our coats, gloves, boots, and all our other layers in exchange for strapless dresses, swimsuits, and flip flops. But what if we told you that you could save your scarves from being packed away into the endless abyss of your closet, and turn them into your best summer accessory instead? Meet the scarf sarong.

Almost any scarf can double as a beach cover up, also known as a “sarong” or “pareo,” making the scarf basically the most versatile wardrobe piece ever, in our opinion. The sarong hails from Southeast Asia, and was originally created featuring an ancient dyeing technique called “batik,” which produced unique patterns and colors on the fabric. The name sarong literally translates to “covering” or “sheath” in Malay. Historically, both men and women throughout Southeast Asia wore sarongs for various occasions, making the sheath an integral part of their daily wardrobe.

Today, sarongs have been popularized around the world as a cover up for swim and beachwear. They make the perfect lightweight, portable, and undeniably chic summertime accessory. Our tutorials will show you how to turn your traditionally cold weather scarves into a statement piece that you can wear all summer long. How’s that for a year-round wardrobe essential?

1. The One-Shoulder Grecian

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The One-Shoulder Grecian

Featured: Bandana Print Scarf, Scarves.com

This cute and easy sarong dress is the perfect bikini coverup. Adjust the knot at the waist so that the scarf fits just right, and voila!

2. The Harem Romper

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Harem Romper

Featured: Emily Scarf, Scarves.com

Who would’ve thought that you could make a romper out of a scarf? Fitted, but still extremely comfortable, the harem romper is the perfect poolside solution to beat the summer heat without compromising on appearance.

3. The Keyhole Halter

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Keyhole Halter

Featured: Miranda Scarf, Scarves.com

We can easily picture this keyhole halter dress sauntering down the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Need we say more?

4. The Basic Coverup

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Basic Coverup

Featured Giant Flower Scarf, Scarves.com

This is why we love scarves. Virtually any scarf in your closet can be transformed into an easy coverup for beachside BBQs and pool parties. Just tie around your waist, and you’re ready to go!

5. The Mini Halter

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Mini Halter

Featured: Floral Garden Scarf, Scarves.com

A bright, floral scarf adds to the effortless vibe of this mini halter dress.

6. The Simple Strapless

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Simple Strapless

Featured: Flight of the Butterflies Scarf, Scarves.com

This fun, easy dress can be made as simple or elaborate as you like. If your scarf is on the long side, tie a bow at the front instead of a knot, or twist the ends tightly and bring above or below the bust around to the back and tie another knot. If your scarf is not long enough, a simple knot in the front is all you need!

7. The Sophisticated Wrap

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Sophisticated WrapFeatured Ziggy Scarf, Scarves.com

The sophisticated wrap really pops, thanks to our Ziggy Scarf. What we absolutely love about this dress is that it also doubles as a vest! Stop after step 3 to create the perfect vest for any outfit, no sewing required.

8. The Bandeau

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Bandeau

Featured: Floral Bouquet Scarf, Scarves.com

Pair this bandeau top with your favorite pair of denim shorts and sandals. Go ahead, it’s midriff season after all!

9. The Draped Twist Skirt

The Mighty Morphin' Summer Scarf: The Draped Twist Skirt

Featured: Starfish Scarf, Scarves.com

We’re kind of obsessed with this DIY draped twist skirt. No need to buy one of these at the mall if you can just recreate it with your favorite scarf, like this summer essential Starfish Scarf.


And there you have it! 9 simple, easy, and cute ways to make any scarf a summer scarf. Never pack your scarves away after winter ends ever again!