9 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Winter is officially in full swing and it’s a great time to take advantage of the major style opportunity at hand with the season’s biggest trend: blanket scarves.  Blanket scarves offer a warm way to bundle up for the cold weather while adding a defining finishing touch to a winter ensemble.  Though this must-have winter accessory is highly versatile, it’s sheer size can seem a little overwhelming. Fear not! We’ve created a list of our 9 favorite ways to pull off this season’s favorite accessory.

1. The Traditionalist


Blue Springfield Check Scarf, Scarves.com $25

One of the more minimalist styles, the Traditionalist is a great way to stay warm without muss or fuss.  Simply place the scarf behind your neck, allowing both ends to hang in front, and leaving one side hanging longer.  Take the longer end and wrap it around your neck, and back around to the front.  Then pull the longer side down through the front loop, and pull through.

2. The Cowl Neck

Red Atlanta Stripe Scarf, Scarves.com $25

This classic style is one that embraces the current revival of the turtleneck. This simple and elegant style is easy to create and eliminates worrying about loose ends, leaving you free to conquer the world.  Open up the scarf, and hold it by the top two corners out in front of you.  Fold it in half so that it’s in the shape of a triangle.  Take the two outermost ends and pull them behind your neck.  Wrap the ends around your neck, bring them back to the front, and pull.  Adjust according to your liking.

3. The Cape


Red Cologne Gingham Scarf, Scarves.com $25

The cape’s sophisticated silhouette has become an icon with the likes of superheros and ultra chic, sporting it with power and sophistication. The oversized nature of the blanket scarf lends itself to being a perfect candidate for transforming into a cape. Place the open scarf around your shoulders, keeping one side longer than the other.  Take the longer side, and drape it across the opposite shoulder so that it hangs in a secure position.

4. The Infinite

Navy Blue Syracuse Fringed Scarf, Scarves.com $25

The blanket scarf has many talents: one of them being able to mimic an infinity scarf.  This modern style gained popularity due to its universality, manageable nature, and of course its unique look. Simply let the scarf hang around your neck, ends in front.  Tie the two ends together in a secure knot.  Once tied, twist the scarf up and around your head for a complete Infinite look.

5. The Belted Kimono


Black York Fringed Pashmina, Scarves.com $15

Rethink the scarf as more of a kimono jacket than a neck warmer with this modern style.  Place the open scarf over your shoulders, and place a thin belt around your waist to secure the ends.  Pair with leather boots, and you’re ready to take on the chill…ever so fashionably of course.

6. The Matador


Brunswick Plaid Scarf, Scarves.com $25

This unique look is perfect for adding a little spice to an outfit and making your blanket scarf an unexpected focal point. Pull off this relaxed look by wrapping yourself with a blanket scarf and tying it around one shoulder.  Let the scarf loosely hang open, and pair it with your favorite long sleeve tee for a complete look. Ole!

7. The Editorialist


Newcastle Tartan Blanket Scarf, Scarves.com $25

This elegant style adds a sense of statuesque sophistication. Equal parts cozy and composed, the Editorialist is ideal for making a bold impression.   Hold open the scarf, and fold it in half into a rectangle shape.  After draping one shorter end over one shoulder, take the other end and pull it behind your back, and around the opposite arm.  Drape it back over the shoulder you started from, and there you have it; classy and comfy. If needed, secure your look with a safety pin above the shoulder for staying power.

8. The Ascot


Edinburgh Tartan Scarf, Scarves.com $25

For the lady who enjoys the finer things, the Ascot gives a punch of sophistication and class to any outfit it graces.  Place your blanket scarf around your neck leaving equal length hanging on both sides.  Take the ends and wrap them around your neck, and bring them back around to the front.  Take the left side, cross it over the right side, and loop the left side back under the right.  Pull both ends to close the space, and adjust the tie accordingly.  This style requires a few more steps than our other favorites, but is definitely worth your while.

9. The Poncho


Black Cologne Gingham Scarf, Scarves.com $25

Easy to wear and easier to style, the Poncho is a style that embodies the blanket-like aspects of these scarves.  Place the open scarf around your shoulders, let the ends hang in front, and that’s all there is to it.