The GentleManual

Style [stahyl] (n)

Knowing who you are, having a sense of individualism, and being able to exemplify it in a visual way. It is your personality, mixed with your own point of view, personified.

Can•vas [kan-vuh s] (n)

A blank slate. A surface on which to express oneself. A foundation for artistic expression through body language, color, shape, style, and language. A means of displaying who you are to the world.

The Style Canvas

Fashion is a form of self-expression. It’s a way of showing the world who you are without even saying a word. No two people express themselves exactly the same way. We are all canvases, and our style is the art. Welcome to The Style Canvas, a blog devoted to providing expert advice and helpful guides to navigate your fashion, beauty, and lifestyle questions so that you can best paint your own personal style.

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