Author: Maya Rahman-Rios

6 Scarf and Necklace Combos We Love

While Coco Chanel advised against wearing too many accessories, we beg to differ. This summer, we’re experimenting with layering our scarves and necklaces. Wearing two different items around your neck… read more

Trend Spotlight:Flared Denim

We’re proud to admit that we’re denim addicts. We never need an excuse to get a new pair of jeans, and you’ll certainly find us falling in love with any… read more

Wedding-wear 101: Rules of Dressing for a Wedding

Of all the events you might be going to this summer, weddings are probably the most involved. There’s a date to save, shopping to do, and gifts to purchase.  And,… read more

7 Practical Graduation Gifts

Though bittersweet, graduation is an exciting time. Finishing school? Amazing. Having to enter the real world? A little scary. The soon-to-be grad  in your life is finally about to reap… read more

Trend Spotlight:Lace-Up Detailing

Several amazing trends came out of the 1970s. We have the Disco Era to thank for flare denim, wrap dresses, and heavily embellished ensembles, all of which have made a… read more

7 Outfits Inspired by Our Favorite Romantic Comedies

We love a good classic movie. While we appreciate the clever one-liners and the cheesy romances, it’s hard not to also be drawn immediately to the characters’ outfits. That might… read more

Festival Hacks: What you Need to Know to Survive Coachella

For many, Coachella is the most-anticipated music festival of them all. Tickets sell out in the blink of an eye, the lineup is posted all over social media, and people… read more

Trend Spotlight: Oxford Flats

Every so often, a shoe comes around that goes with every outfit, a shoe that’s both classy and edgy. Equal parts comfy and cool, it makes its rounds on the… read more

100 Years of Beauty Trends

One of the things we are the most fascinated by is the ever-evolving nature of fashion and beauty. We’re amazed at the way beauty standards have changed over the years and… read more

Outfits for Every Kind of Easter Celebration

No matter how you celebrate it, Easter is an exciting springtime holiday. While some of us may attend a service at church, others of us prefer going out for brunch,… read more

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