Best Drugstore Hair Products

Salon hair products can be ridiculously expensive. And most of the time, they’re only marginally better (if at all!) than the stuff you can find at your local drugstore for a fraction of the cost. Here are our favorite drugstore hair products that’ll have you feeling like you just left the salon!

For Damaged Hair

Loreal Paris Advanced Haircare – total repair 5 damage erasing balm – Walmart $5.97

Best Drugstore Hair Products

This balm gets rid of those split ends and hydrates your hair immediately, leaving your locks smooth and silky. We suggest using it once or twice a week, though, because a little goes a long way!

For Nourishment

Aussie – 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioning Treatment – Target $2.97

Best Drugstore Hair Products

A daily conditioner can only do so much. On the other hand, a deep conditioner penetrates the hair and nourishes the cuticles. A product we just discovered is this formula that smells fantastic, and quenches our hair to feel extra silky smooth.

For Heat Control

L’Oreal Paris Studio – Mega Spritz Hairspray – Walgreens $5.49

Best Drugstore Hair Products

We all hate that helmet head feeling from too much hairspray and would rather opt for a light, natural formula that keeps our hair feeling soft and smooth. This mega spritz hairspray does just that.

Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray – Target $3.99

Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

If you’re applying any sort of heat to your hair (blow drying or using tools!) you need to protect your strands. This spray keeps your hair in tact during every kind of heat application. This spray is easy to use with a simple nozzle and smells great too.

For Styling

Condition 3-in-1 Maximum Hold Mousse – Walgreens $2.99

Condition 3-in-1 Maximum Hold Mousse

Curly hair is one of the hardest textures to maintain and control, but a good mousse can make all the difference. It often gets overlooked in favor of other products like hairspray or hair oil, but mousse is a useful tool that is guaranteed keep you hair under control. From volume and texture to hold, this mousse does it all.

For Detangling

Honest Company Conditioning Detangler and Fortifying Spray – Target $5.99

Honest Hair

If you’re looking for something quick and easy to detangle your hair, a detangler spray is your best bet. This leave in conditioner works wonders when you’re on the go. All you need to do is run a comb through your hair after spraying in some product. We love this product from the Honest Company which uses natural ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, and quinoa proteins to add shine.

For Fresh Locks

SheaMoisture 100% Pure Argan Oil – Target $8.99

Hair Argan

Is it an over exaggeration to say that argan oil is liquid gold for your hair? We don’t think so. With just a few drops, it’ll make any damaged, dry hair feel healthy and fresh again. Its natural moisturizing properties mean you can use it on your skin, face, or body too. We’re loving the affordable price of SheaMoisture’s 100% pure argan oil.

For Healthy Hair

OGX Thick and Full Biotin And Collagen Shampoo – Walmart $5.72

Collagen Shampoo

Hot tools, product buildup, and harsh salon treatments can leave our hair exhausted. Sometimes  we just need a little hair therapy. Using ingredients that include both biotin and collagen are great for promoting thick and healthy hair that grows fast. This treatment from OGX promotes healthy hair growth while smelling great at the same time.

For Frizzy Hair

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment – Target, $6.99

Frizzy Hair

The worst feeling is conditioning your hair, only to find you still can’t run a comb through it when you get out of the shower. This daily nourishment treatment is weightless and perfect for towel-dried hair.

For Quick, Clean Hair

Dove Dry Shampoo – Walgreens, $5.79

Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo might just be your new favorite product. It’s an absorbing powder that soaks up any grease and dirt when applied to the roots of your hair. It adds a lot of volume when you don’t have time for a hair rinse, and is a must-have for any girl on the go.