The Best Pastel Hair for Summer 2017

Looking for a new summer look? Candy colored hair has become the summer hair trend. Channel your inner unicorn by dyeing your locks with every pastel on the spectrum. Or… read more

10 Beauty Subscription Boxes You Need

Opening up a gift and not knowing what will be inside gives all of us a small thrill. One of our favorite splurges are monthly beauty subscription boxes that always… read more

Best Drugstore Hair Products

Salon hair products can be ridiculously expensive. And most of the time, they’re only marginally better (if at all!) than the stuff you can find at your local drugstore for… read more

YouTube Beauty Vlogger Roundup

Putting on makeup is an art form in its own right. Some of us were born with hands that can flawlessly contour like nobody’s business, while some of us struggle… read more

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Every Kind of Girl

Whether it’s your BFF, family member, coworker, or Secret Santa, finding that perfect gift for someone can be a struggle. You aren’t certain what they want or need, but you… read more

Make the Cut: How to Ask Your Stylist for the Perfect Lob

Long hair is fantastic for a ton of reasons. You can style it dozens of different ways, it’s comfortable, and it’s classic. But if you’re an experimentalist, you may be… read more

7 Beauty Hacks To Try At Home

We may not want to admit it, but we are all guilty of endlessly purchasing unnecessary beauty products that take up a lot of counter space. Some of the products… read more

Our Top 5 Unconventional Lipstick Colors for $20 or Less

When it comes to lipstick color, we all have our go-to’s. Reds, pinks, and nudes all come to mind when thinking of our mainstay shades. These colors are time-tested and… read more

8 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer usually means basking in the warm sunshine while attending music festivals, backyard barbecues, or poolside rendezvous. Although the longer, sunnier days give us more time to enjoy the outdoor… read more

Mastering the Top Knot

The struggle of not knowing what to do with your hair is real.  Attempting style after style is exhausting and discouraging.  That’s why we’re turning to the top knot.  The… read more

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