4 Outfit Ideas for Summer Dates

Choosing the perfect outfit for a date is already a difficult task. But when combined with factors like summer heat and not knowing exactly where your date is taking you,… read more

The Best Pastel Hair for Summer 2017

Looking for a new summer look? Candy colored hair has become the summer hair trend. Channel your inner unicorn by dyeing your locks with every pastel on the spectrum. Or… read more

How to Wear Mules

Mules are nothing new, but have been making a huge impact on the fashion scene lately. On top of being extremely versatile and comfortable, mules have that Parisian chic style,… read more

Mastering the Art of Your Instagram Brand and Aesthetics

In the world of Instagram, it’s hard to differentiate yourself out of millions of users. Whether it’s your personal account, your blog, or your business, mastering the art of Instagram… read more

15 Stand-out Wedding Gifts

As spring wedding save-the-dates start rolling in, you may find yourself asking what you’ll wear, who you’re bringing, and what you’re gifting. We can’t help out with that plus one… read more

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Every Kind of Girl

Whether it’s your BFF, family member, coworker, or Secret Santa, finding that perfect gift for someone can be a struggle. You aren’t certain what they want or need, but you… read more

DIY: Fixing/Preventing Ripped Tights

Who doesn’t love wearing tights this time of year? Whether they are simple solids or stockings with intricate designs, tights are a key component in keeping us warm, hiding our… read more

How to Wear Combat Boots

How can you not love combat boots? Not only can you wear these shoes all year long, but they are also comfortable, durable, and just generally super cool in that… read more

Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen

Although we didn’t care for it when we were younger, it is safe to say that by now we all know the importance of sunscreen. It’s the one essential product… read more

Mastering the Top Knot

The struggle of not knowing what to do with your hair is real.  Attempting style after style is exhausting and discouraging.  That’s why we’re turning to the top knot.  The… read more

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