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DIY: 6 Boozy Popsicles You Need to Make

Summer is fast approaching and whether you’re lounging out at the pool in Palm Springs or hosting that pool party with your girlfriends, there’s always that question of “What should… read more

16 Ways to Dress Up Your Desk

Brace yourself for the following statistic: The average person will spend 90,000 hours of their lifetime at their job. Not only is that a lot of time to be doing… read more

10 Things Under $20 that Every Girl Needs in Her Purse

There always seems to be something wrong with our purse: we either never have what we need, or we carry around too many unnecessary items that do nothing but weigh… read more

Love Junk Food? Here are 10 Healthier Snacks to Try Instead

Junk food cravings are admittedly an easy addiction to fall into, and snacking repeatedly could lead to serious health issues in the long run. Whether it’s snacking on potato chips… read more

DIY: How to Make a Soy Candle

Christmas is finally (almost) here! If you’re in a pinch for a gift, why not DIY something special? Soy candles make the perfect gift for pretty much anyone who appreciates… read more

5 Healthy Drinks That Aren’t a Vodka Tonic

One of the many things that sucks when trying to live a healthier lifestyle is when you go out with your friends. Yes, there are healthy alternatives to several of… read more

Etsy Picks, Volume IV

We all love handmade gifts, but the time and effort that goes into making one can be stressful, and let’s face it, some of us were not made for the… read more

What Your Taste in Wine Says About You

Ever hear the saying you are what you eat?  Well, we think it should go more like you are what you drink!  We believe that someone’s taste in wine says… read more

10 Things to Check Off Your Summer Bucket List

The end of summer is near. Although fall is around the corner, there’s no better time to make the remaining dog days memorable before returning to our hectic schedules. That’s… read more

Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen

Although we didn’t care for it when we were younger, it is safe to say that by now we all know the importance of sunscreen. It’s the one essential product… read more

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