4 Typical Travel Outfits (And What Yours Says About You)

What you wear when you travel says almost as much about you as where you’re traveling to. Some people use getting on a plane as an excuse to wear their… read more

7 Straw Bags You Need For Summer

All the fun this summer has in store calls for a new bag. Your standard leather bag may feel too formal, but you don’t trust that flimsy canvas tote to… read more

4 Outfit Ideas for Summer Dates

Choosing the perfect outfit for a date is already a difficult task. But when combined with factors like summer heat and not knowing exactly where your date is taking you,… read more

How to Wear Mules

Mules are nothing new, but have been making a huge impact on the fashion scene lately. On top of being extremely versatile and comfortable, mules have that Parisian chic style,… read more

Festival Style Ideas and Where to Find Them

The festival experience has become almost legendary for music lovers everywhere. While the featured bands, artists and DJs are of the utmost importance to the average festival attendee, the perfect… read more

What to Wear this Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner. Instead of shoving paper cards and candy into cardboard mailboxes like we did in elementary school, Valentine’s Day… read more

10 Glam Holiday Looks for Less than $100

Holiday season has arrived, and whether you’re glamming up for your friend’s New Year’s Eve party or hosting your own Christmas gathering, here are 10 glam dresses that will make… read more

10 Over-The-Knee Boots Under $150

There’s something about over-the-knee boots that always catches the eye. Maybe it’s the extra fabric? Maybe it’s the thought that they will keep anyone’s legs looking long for days? Or… read more

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Every Kind of Girl

Whether it’s your BFF, family member, coworker, or Secret Santa, finding that perfect gift for someone can be a struggle. You aren’t certain what they want or need, but you… read more

Trend Alert: Bell Sleeves

This year was all about throwback trends. From exposed shoulders to chokers, it’s safe to say that fashion statements always find a way to come back into the spotlight. Another throwback… read more

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