DIY: Fixing/Preventing Ripped Tights

Who doesn’t love wearing tights this time of year? Whether they are simple solids or stockings with intricate designs, tights are a key component in keeping us warm, hiding our unshaved legs (you know it’s true), or adding a little something extra to our outfit. While we love tights, we all know that they are not as durable as we would want them to be. One snag is all it takes to ruin a pair for good, right? Wrong! Here are some simple DIYs to fix your ripped tights and protect your new ones from even getting rips in the first place.

Fixing Ripped Tights

1. Wear socks to disguise the rip


It almost seems like getting holes in the toes of your tights is inevitable. If you don’t have time to sew that sucker up, try putting a pair of no-show socks (same color as your tights) on your feet before you put on your tights. Not only is it more comfortable, it also camouflages the hole from your tights!

2. Use hairspray/clear nail polish to stop runs


If you have a run or tear in your tights one of the easiest DIY hacks is the use of hairspray or clear nail polish. Assuming that you are already wearing the tights, you will want to locate all the potential runs on them. Once you locate them, you will gently tug the tights away from your skin and spray the hairspray or put a dollop of clear nail polish on the potential runs and loose threads on your tights. Let the hairspray or nail polish dry for about a minute, and then you can gently place your tights back on your leg. This helps bond the fibers together, preventing more runs from happening.

3. Use a bar of soap to keep tears from getting bigger


If you don’t have hairspray or clear nail polish around, grab a bar of soap! Rub a bar of soap on any rips or runs on your tights. By doing this, you will help dry the fabric and keep the tear/run from getting bigger.

4. Wear two pairs of snagged tights to hide tears


If you have multiple tights with tears on them, one way that you can reuse them is by doubling up! If each pair of tights has tears on different parts of the leg, you can totally get away with it by wearing them at the same time

5. Use a black marker/sharpie to camouflage holes


Desperate times call for desperate measures! If you really can’t stand to see that pesky hole in your tights, one way to quickly fix this problem is by drawing on yourself. If you are wearing black opaque tights, you can color in the holes with a black marker to give the illusion of un-ripped stockings. If your stockings are translucent or a different color you can start drawing a design with a black sharpie! The holes and runs will be hidden amongst the design you draw on your tights.

Protecting New Tights

1. Store them properly


While many of us don’t really think about where we store our tights, it is actually an important step that can help them last longer. Avoid putting your tights in a wooden drawer where they can easily get snagged when taking them out. You can either store them in a plastic storage drawer or organize them on a hanger. Either method will protect them from getting ripped or caught on any rough surfaces.

2. Cut your nails


Don’t let your nails be the downfall of your tights! Hangnails or long nails can get caught on your tights, causing unwanted tears and rips. Keeping your nails short can help prevent them from getting caught in your tights when you put them on or take them off. An even safer bet? Putting on socks before you step into your tights.

3. Scrunch up the tights before you put them on


Yes, tights are meant to be stretched out, but you need to keep in mind  that they are made from delicate fabric. Do not put on your tights as if they were a pair of jeans! You should scrunch up the tights all the way down to the toe and gently roll them up your legs. By doing this you are less likely to rip the fabric or overstretch them.

4. Wash and dry them the right way


As we said before, tights are made out of delicate fabric. The best way to make your tights last longer is by hand washing them! If you don’t want to hand wash your tights and prefer a washing machine, make sure you put them in a mesh bag beforehand. Your tights are less likely to be tangled up or snagged on another article of clothing in the washing machine. We also recommend that tights are air dried rather than spun around in  a dryer.

5. Freeze them


This might sound a little odd, but another thing you can do to make your tights last longer is to freeze them! When you buy a new pair of tights, run them under water until they are damp. Then, place them in a plastic bag and put them in a freezer overnight. The next day, take them out of the freezer and have them thaw out. By freezing your tights, the cold temperature firms and strengthens the individual fibers in your tights, which makes them less susceptible to runs. You only need to do this process once, so don’t freeze your tights every single night!

Whether you have ripped tights or a brand new pair, you can refer to these DIY hacks that will help you protect your investment. So don’t give up that easily when you see a hole or rip in your tights–all is not lost!