Hair DIY: Taming Of The Frizz


With our last DIY post, we showed you how to use a sock to create the perfect Top-Knot. This time, it’s all about controlling your frizzy mane.

Not everyone can afford an expensive Brazilian blowout, so here is a very simple way of taming the frizz without spending tons of time and money. This should take about 45 minutes from wet hair to finish!

Step 1: Prepare your hair.  If you’re starting with clean hair, use shampoo and conditioner that cater to frizzy hair. Redken’s “All Soft” or “Smooth Down” are great hydrating formulas.

Next, you’ll need a few things.



A brush (preferably paddle), fat curling iron (between one to two inches in diameter), a blow-dryer (preferably ionic), a hair clip, heat-protectant serum and hair spray.

With hair still damp, place a small amount of the heat-protectant serum in your palm. Then rub the serum into your hands and fingers and apply throughout your hair, lightly running your hands through your strands to spread the serum around. This will protect your hair from the damaging effects of all that heat, and it will lessen some of the frizz.

*Two very important notes: When I say a small amount of serum, I mean small! One pump/drop. Any more and you run a high risk of greasiness, which is way worse than frizziness. Secondly, when applying, avoid roots – again, it could make your hair look greasy.

Step 2: Blow Dry


Make sure you’re angling the blow-dryer downward. If you point it upward from the bottom, you run the risk of splitting hairs and making it frizzier than ever.

Now, If you look like this after you finish drying your hair:



Don’t fret. I look like this every day until I begin step 3.

Step 3: Curl



Section hair into two parts, one on each shoulder. Then start on one side, taking a small section and clipping the rest on top of your head.  Wrap that small section around the curling iron. Keep it clamped around the iron for 10-15 seconds, or touch the hair wrapped around and release when the outer-most layer of hair feels hot. Continue to do this until you have curled all of the first half of your head. Spray hairspray on every few strands.



Repeat on the other side.


Step 4: Polished and done. Yay, happy!


If you see any fly-aways, take a dab of serum and lightly touch the areas around your part to smooth everything down. For softer curls, you can also run your fingers lightly through the curls to break them up into more “pieces.”