The Last Minute Costume: 3 Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is that fanciful time of year when being yourself is the last thing on your mind and finding the perfect costume is at the forefront of your thoughts. Yet, somehow, every year we leave the costume planning until the last minute. Well, you can stop your stressing because we’ve come up with 3 great costumes that you can quickly put together with things that are already hanging in your closet: The Gypsy Dancer, the Fortune Teller and the Swashbuckler. When you have the right clothes paired with the right accessories, you can celebrate your favorite holiday in style.

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The Gypsy Dancer

This costume can be easily accomplished with simple layering. Grab one of your long dresses or a loose fitting top and maxi skirt, preferably in a solid or natural looking print. Next up, tie a colored scarf around your head in “the Esmeralda” (how-to shown below) and knot a bigger scarf, like this elegant and free-spirited number, around your hips. Give yourself an elongated cat eye and deep red lips, and you can add a beauty mark with eyeliner. To finish off the look, toss on as many bangles and necklaces as you can find. Now clang your tambourine and dance in the street. While you’ve got everyone entranced with your sultry whiles, pick their pockets.

How to Tie a Square Scarf: the Esmeralda

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The Fortune Teller

This costume is similar to the gypsy with the accessories tweaked here and there.  Start off with a loose top tucked into a maxi skirt. Add a pair of large round glasses and carry a crystal ball if you can get one. If not, you can be a palm reader instead. To complete the stereotypical psychic look, wrap a star studded scarf  around your head turban style and wear another scarf (like this twinkling scarf) as a shawl draped over the shoulders. For even more effect, you can make your hair big and frizzy and give your eyes a celestial glow with sparkling eye shadows like this look from makeup artist Linda Hallberg. You could even pick up a deck of tarot cards like this one at your local bookstore. Now speak in a mystical voice as you stare at people through your all-knowing-orb and give them unsolicited omens of bad fortune. The crystal ball tells no lies.

Palm Reading Cheat Sheet

Palm Reading Cheat Sheet

The Swashbuckler

Who doesn’t love a good pirate costume? It is a classic look and it’s easier to accomplish than you might think. Let’s start with the foundation: dark skinny pants (highwaisted if you got ’em), a light colored peasant top or loose blouse, and boots. Grab a dark solid scarf, wrap it around your waist and tuck it in so the loose end falls in front. Cinch it with a dark belt. You can top off this costume with a scarf tied in “The Bahama” (shown below), and wear a pouch of doubloons on your belt. To really seal the deal, paint your lips red and make one of your eyes black and smokey and cover the other with an eye patch. Check out this easy DIY from Art Platter. Caution: depth perception will be impaired. Print out this cheat sheet and practice your pirate-speak. Now yell nautical commands in slurred speech and swig frequently from a dirty rum bottle, ya bilge-sucking scalawag!

How to Tie a Neckerchief: The Bahama

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Halloween gives you the chance to transform yourself for a night (or two, or three). With these 3 easy last minute costumes, that transformation doesn’t have to be so difficult. Extra points go to those of you who never break character. Now get out there and have some fun!