10 Fashion Rules to Break


Throw out the Fashion Bible and remix your wardrobe by breaking antiquated fashion rules. In this modern world, many of the proper fashion rules that we grew up with simply do not apply, as they were founded in a different time for reasons that may not hold up anymore. Fashion is rebellious in nature, so embrace it and color outside the lines when crafting your unique personal style.


1. Rule to Break: Never mix gold and silver jewelry.


This rule sprung from the era of the matching sweater set and probably should be left there. Today, mixing gold and silver adds just the right amount of variety to make an outfit exciting and gives it an unexpected texture. Create a stack of your favorite finds and heirlooms and welcome the mix and match aesthetic.


2. Rule to Break: Stick to one print.


Mixing prints and patterns a fun, fresh way to experiment with a  new trend. It playfully defies the traditional fashion conventions and is simple to accomplish. Just grab a few items from your closet and see what pairs well together, because you ‘ll never know until you try it on…


3. Rule to Break: Clutches pair with evening wear.


A wonderfully embellished clutch need not be restricted to after hours. Lighten your load and carry just the essentials while toting about this statement-making handbag. Bring a dash of feminine evening glamour to your everyday wardrobe with this petite purse.


4.  Rule to Break: Sequins and Beading are for evening only.


Pieces with intricate beading and/or sequins are meant to be shown off, not shoved in the back of your closet. Seize the day and bring your sparkly pieces out to see the light and turn heads while doing so. Pair your embellished separates with everyday pieces for a perfectly curated mix of casual elegance.


5. Rule to Break: Sneakers are for the gym.


Kick off your heels and reintroduce yourself to the comfort of your long forgotten sneakers. While becoming masters of the universe, comfort is often not prioritized in lieu of “looking the part.” But alas, sneakers are now deemed “chic” and our achy soles couldn’t be any happier!


6. Rule to Break: Don’t wear white after Labor Day.


Even though this is usually the first fashion rule one thinks of, the elusive question of “Why can’t I wear white after Labor Day?” remains unanswered. Some speculate this rule was purely practical and white formal clothes were simply worn to keep cooler during the summer. Labor Day marked the end of summer and the start of fall, calling for warmer ensembles and darker colors. Others say the rule was originally meant to distinguish the classes. Either way, we can all agree that this hard-lined rule maintains little relevance in our modern culture. One of the first to break this steadfast rule was Coco Chanel herself, making the color white a fashionable year-round staple. After all, there’s nothing more elegant than a crisp, white outfit when it’s least expected.


7. Rule to Break: Take off the last accessory you put on.


While Coco Chanel may have mastered the intricacies of understated elegance, personal style is just that, and sometimes more is more. Style is all about the details, so feel free and add in the details where you see fit.


8. Rule to Break: Dress like a lady.


Stray from the traditional and borrow from the boys with blazers and boyfriend jeans galore. Add in some charming quirk with a tie or bow tie or make a bold statement with a wide brimmed hat. This day in age, being a lady has limitless possibilities.


9. Rule to Break: Never wear denim on denim.


This pairing isn’t just for Calvin Klein ads. Dubbed the “Canadian tux” or the “Texas tux,” the all-denim ensemble is an iconic way to make a bold statement. This classic Americana look fell out of favor after the overdose of unfavorable denim in the 90’s, however denim on denim has taken a tasteful turn with simple denim separates becoming the coveted staples of fashion bloggers from LA to NY.


10. Rule to Break: Scarves are for keeping warm.


A scarf is the accessory that doesn’t discriminate. No matter the season, you can’t go wrong having a scarf in tow. Whether its bundling up on your snowy route to work or wrapping it around your waist as a summertime sarong, scarves are the perfect year-round accessory.


Now that you know what rules to break, it’s important to know the rule to stick to. Fashion is a fabulously subjective form of self expression, so don’t over think it! Break these new rules or make up your own, but always remember to have fun with what you wear.