Festival Style Ideas and Where to Find Them

The festival experience has become almost legendary for music lovers everywhere. While the featured bands, artists and DJs are of the utmost importance to the average festival attendee, the perfect outfit often comes close to second. Destination festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Electric Daisy Carnival are equal in popularity but differ greatly in the flock of festival attendees they bring in, and each crowd has their own personal style. In dressing for these festivals, it’s all about taking key elements from your closet or finding them at cheaper, fast-fashion retailers. Here are some things to look out for when planning outfits for various festivals.


coachella, style

Ask anyone how they would describe Coachella style, and more than likely they’ll respond with adjectives like bohemian, gypsy, and grunge. Perhaps it’s because the festival is held smack in the middle of a Californian desert, and the idea of a bunch of free spirited individuals channeling their inner Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac doesn’t seem so far fetched. The trick to dressing for Coachella is strategically finding an outfit that works day to night. Geographically, Coachella is prone to sand storms and no one in their right mind wants to be trapped in one of those. It’s almost an art form in finding a stylish look that will protect you from Mother Nature’s harsh teachings.

Style Elements

  • Lace
  • Sheer
  • Suede
  • Strappy Sandals
  • Fringe

Where to Find Style Inspiration on a Budget

H&M – Beginning in 2015, the Swedish retailer and long time Coachella sponsor has collaborated with the infamous music festival every year to create a clothing line inspired by Coachella spirit. Festival lovers can find amazing pieces ranging from $5 to $50 to incorporate into their outfits. This year, the company has decided to continue its H&M Loves Coachella collection and is teaming up with alternative pop band The Atomics to feature the line in their new exclusive music video.

Forever21 –  One of the world’s leading fast-fashion retailers just got even better. In addition to always offering fashionistas the latest trends and timeless styles, Forever21 is constantly releasing festival style inspired collections at insanely great prices for every gal’s budget. Definitely keep a lookout on their social media for new styles during the festival seasons.

boohoo.com – A global online retailer, boohoo is known for providing customers with stylish designs at an affordable price. Rather than spending a fortune for a trendy piece at another big name retailer, check out boohoo.com instead for the best prices. Its online website offers “stores” that feature styles for specific occasions or events, including festivals. It is updated seasonally so be sure to check their website close to Coachella season.


festival goer wearing denim overalls

Unlike the standard style of its west coast counterpart, Lollapalooza fashion is a bit of a mixed bag and one that is definitely all about personal style. There are people who believe in bringing Coachella style all the way over to the east coast and rock the bohemian look. Others dress casually with heavy hints of their personal style head-to-toe. There are also people who simply don’t care and dress as comfortably as possible without worrying about being in fashion. Unlike Coachella, Lollapalooza is not located in the middle of nowhere. Being situated in downtown Chicago gives festival goers easy access to the outside world in case of fashion emergencies. You’re able to pack lightly without worrying about the weather affecting what you’re wearing.

Style Elements

  • Sneakers
  • Statement accessories
  • Vibrant colors and patterns
  • Flowy dresses
  • Crop top and denim shorts

Where to Find Style Inspiration on a Budget

ASOS – This should definitely be on your list of go-to e-commerce retailers. ASOS offers a large variety of brands fashionistas all love to wear such as New Look, River Island, and Monki. The Australian online retailer has everything for your festival fashion needs from formal to casual wear that gather elements from all different types of styles.

Topshop – The British leading retailer has made its away over to the U.S. and is known for its cutting edge design and great quality. Topshop is a blogger and influencer favorite so you’re sure to find festival outfit inspiration from your style crush here. They also offer petite sizing in certain styles.

Missguided – This is a great stop for statement accessories that will show off your individuality. Missguided has over 500 accessories to complete your festival look ranging from bold chokers, fun hats, statement backpacks, unique shoes and more.

Modcloth – Unique and whimsical, Modcloth is the place to go for your online festival shopping. The e-commerce retailer has a large selection of graphic tees that range from cute and quirky to edgy. Sizing will not be a problem here because they also carry extended sizing up to 4X in a variety of styles.

Electric Daisy Carnival

raver girl in arm candy and neon crop top

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) lovers from across the spectrum know that of all the events happening throughout the year, Electric Daisy Carnival is the one to attend. Rave fashion is constantly shifting but no matter the trend, ravers always find a way to incorporate their personal style in their outfits. The typical rave outfit combines a strappy bralette top with matching bottoms. Some might even ditch the former and go for a skin-tight bodysuit to make coordinating even easier.

Style Elements

  • Neon Colors
  • Straps
  • Bodysuits
  • Cropped Everything
  • Arm “Kandi”

Where to Find Style Inspiration on a Budget

iHeartRaves/Emazing Lights – At iHeartRaves, ravers are encouraged to celebrate their individuality by offering unique garments and accessories at affordable prices. They offer tops, bottoms, bodysuits, wraps, and fur leg warmers for all your rave outfit needs. With only two retail locations in Los Angeles and Denver, it’s probably easier to shop online. Their blog Studio 240 also gives tips for outfit inspiration and DIY ideas.

Dolls Kill – An online retailer that is all about rebellion, Dolls Kill is a great stop to meet all your rave needs. Their target customers are segmented into five “dolls,” girls with contrasting personalities. Customers can shop the looks of the doll they most identify with for a more fun and catered shopping experience, or browse the entire stock of merchandise the e-commerce has to offer.

Rave Ready – One of the first EDM culture specialty stores in Los Angeles, Rave Ready is a shop for ravers, by ravers. They offer the best rave attire, toys, and accessories from beloved brands at the best prices. Their blog also has a variety of tips to make the most of the rave experience as well as giveaways for event tickets.

At the end of the day, festivals are all about having fun and enjoying the music. There are millions of people that attend festivals every year so not everyone is going to have the same style. Maybe you’re into the bohemian aesthetic or you’re a little more on the edgy side. You might not even have a preference and you’re just there for a good time. Whatever it is, you should always choose to wear what makes you feel comfortable and good in.