How to Wear Combat Boots

How can you not love combat boots? Not only can you wear these shoes all year long, but they are also comfortable, durable, and just generally super cool in that rocker chic kind of way. They allow you to show off your rebellious side and they’re versatile, so you can pair them with pretty much anything.
Just like their name implies, combat boots were originally created for soldiers who were in, you guessed it, combat. The function of these shoes was to provide ankle stability, foot protection, and enough durability to withstand a rugged environment. While soldiers used these shoes to protect their feet throughout the decades, combat boots didn’t enter the fashion scene until people in the goth, grunge, punk, and heavy metal scenes started wearing them in the late 1960s to the early 1980s. By the 1990s, combat boots became more mainstream. Today, combat boots can be seen on anyone, anywhere.To rock your combat boots like a boss, here are 5 style tips to keep in mind the next time you reach for your favorite pair. 

1. Color is your friend


Think beyond the usual black/brown combat boot. Yes, neutral-colored shoes can easily be matched with any outfit, but if you really want to challenge your fashion game, incorporate more color, and start with your shoes!

2. Pair them with socks and stockings


Pairing socks or tights with combat boots is a great way to add appeal (and warmth!) to your outfit. From colored crew socks to opaque tights, the combination of legwear with combat boots is a must! A pair of colored crew socks worn with combat boots can add a nice pop of color and texture to your attire. If you want to go for more of a punk vibe, try wearing some over-the-knee socks with the boots. Or, if elongating your legs is your main MO, then a pair of opaque tights is the way to go. Not only will you have an expertly planned outfit, but you’ll also be extra warm and cozy, which is always a plus.

3. Wear a dress or skirt  


With the masculine aesthetic of combat boots, it is easy to play it up by pairing them with jeans and a military jacket. However, combat boots paired with a dress or skirt can be just as striking. The rugged look of the boots can help add some edge to your favorite frock, and if it’s cold out you can always throw on a pair of tights and a jacket for a totally composed and fall-ready ensemble.

4. Rock denim 


If we had to choose one material to pair combat boots with, it would definitely be denim. Whether it’s a denim jacket, jeans, or even a pair of overalls, combat boots pair very well with this sturdy material. Try pairing your combat boots with a denim jacket and some plaid for a soft grunge style that will totally take you back to the 90s.

5. Keep it simple


Since the combat boot is such a distinctive shoe, it’s safe to say that less is more.Your combat boots are the standout of your whole ensemble, so don’t overshadow them by adding on too many accessories, or wearing a flashy outfit. Combat boots pack a serious statement punch, so give them the spotlight they rightfully deserve! Whether you are wearing an all-black ensemble or a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, combat boots are the perfect touch when it comes to elevating a simple outfit.

Since the combat boot is so versatile, incorporating a pair into your day-to-day look isn’t so much of a harrowing task. This particular shoe has a look to it that is very distinctive, and when styled the right way, it can really make your outfit look super edgy and memorable. If you have to choose just one pair of shoes to rock this fall, make it combat boots. With their versatility, comfort, and serious style potential, you won’t regret it!