How to Wear the Sneakers Trend

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend

Take a tip from the ever-intriguing Parisienne gamine style and sport a pair of your favorite sneakers dusk till dawn. Give your sky-high stilettos a rest and embrace the comfort of the new sneakers trend. In true high-low form, this trend mixes the elements of dressed up high fashion and casual street wear to make a perfect fit for the emergence of spring.  For more spring style inspiration, take a look at our post, Spring 2015 Runway Trends, that covers all of the runway trends for spring and how to wear them off the catwalk.

Tips and Tricks

Use your sneakers to give an urban neutral to your look and keep ’em classic or add to the mayhem with a striking colorfully printed pair. Use your sneakers to express your affinity for timeless old school classics like the Adidas Stan Smiths,  funky modern takes like some electric New Balances, or an awesome mix of the two with the tons of awesome collaborations, combining both old and new trends. If you’d like to maintain a more feminine look, a sleek, no-frills pair might be a great place to start.  When it comes down to it, this trend is all about personal style and attitude, so don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in style and comfort.

1. Dress

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend - Dress

Classic sneakers tend to look great when worn with a dress. They give the perfect touch of tomboy charm that makes your look equal parts playful and elegant.

2. Leather

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend - Leather

A pair of sneakers gives a casual essence to any leather statement piece.  This style finds its renaissance when paired with a minimal, sleek pair. Fear not of the white sneaker.

3. Cropped Skinnies

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend - Cropped Skinnies

Sporting a pair of cropped skinnies accents the smallest point on your ankles and is a perfect complement to a perfect pair of sneakers. Pair your sneakers and skinnies with any colors, patterns, and even florals.  Though any skinnies will do, the cropped skinny pant takes the cake by offering an extremely flattering silhouette.

4. Mini Skirt

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend - Mini Skirts

Add in some feminine flair with your favorite mini. Pairing it with sneakers gives a wonderfully casual je ne sais quoi!

5. Oversized Coat

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend -Oversized Coats

For those lingering chilly days of spring, keep a simple coat to pair with any style of sneakers. Neutral colored coats allow for bold colored or patterned shoes.  Layer on a solid colored pashmina scarf for a complete look.

6. Blazer

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend - Blazer

Pair your favorite blazer with your sneakers and any casual piece that inspires you.  Showcase modern sophistication by sporting this style with a casual pair of pants, or feel young at heart with a skirt or pair of shorts.  Mix with fun patterns, or keep it simple, because your blazer is able to adapt to almost any ensemble.

7. Maxi Dress

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend - Maxi Dress

For a more feminine look, pair your maxi dress with clean, sleek looking sneakers.  Feel free to mix and match fun patterns and colors.

8. Tights

How to Wear the Sneakers Trend - Tights

Throw in a pair of sneakers with almost any outfit you would normally wear with tights.  Black tights are a great addition to any outfit with a dress, skirt, or even shorts.  The pair of sneakers will give your look that street style edge you’ve been looking for.