Tips & Trends From Makeup Artist Joanna Simkin


For the makeup 411, we go to celebrity makeup artist, Joanna Simkin, who gives us the low-down on what’s hot, and how to make it happen!

S&F: What looks are big this season for eye makeup?

Joanna: “I’ve been shying away from the smokey eye for the past several years, as I felt it was overly saturated (mainly due to reality television). So now I’m all of a sudden super into the smokey eye, but in great fall shades like deep coppers and even grays highlighted by burgundy. Rich updates to a classic look.”



We know heavy eyeliner is big this season. Tips on creating a great wing-tip eyeliner shape?

“First, you don’t need to draw the line all at once. Short strokes will get you a much cleaner line in the end.  Also, once the base line is down, to create the wing: start where you want the extended wing to finish, then draw a straight line back to almost the middle of the line on the eye so you have a hollow triangle. Then simply fill in the triangle. Keep makeup remover and Q-tips (I like the skinny pointed ones) handy.”



Glowing skin is something that most girls want. What are some great products that illuminate the face without being too greasy?

“My trick is to mix illuminator directly into foundation. For brown skin I love Nars Laguna, for fairer skin try Mac Strobe Cream. Literally mix half foundation, half illuminator, and apply as usual – then powder only your t-zone. The rest of your face will be dewy and moist-looking.”


Lip trends?

“Super into lipsticks right now! Rich colors in satin finishes look luxe and current. Red Lizard from Nars is a favorite red, Rebel from Mac is an amazing purple, and pretty much every shade in Tom Ford’s collection is pure perfection. Keep the look current and less 80’s by NOT using a lip brush for such a precise line.  Apply directly from the tube and clean the line using an eye shadow brush, which is much fluffier rather than stark.


Rebel by MAC


What are some must-have beauty products for this season?

“Every season is about the correct skin-care. In winter especially, the struggle to keep skin clear, hydrated and fresh-looking can be a challenge.  Apply serums or moisturizers while skin is still damp, as they will be absorbed more efficiently.” Exfoliate daily using a brush such as the Clarisonic to keep top layers of skin sloughed, or weekly with a scrub with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. And nobody is too young for eye-cream.


Do you have a few tips all women should know when it comes to applying makeup?

“I love to think everyone is naturally beautiful but the truth is, we all can benefit from even minimal makeup. Find an under-eye concealer that works for you (yellow tones for blue circles, peach for brown circles). You’d be amazed the difference just brightening under your eye and the inner corner can have to perk your whole face up. Mascara will always open your eyes. I generally stick with basic black for all, but fairer blondes can try black-brown if they feel black is too heavy. Lastly, learn where your cheekbones are.  A little matte bronzer directly under them and sweeping up onto them will do wonders for any photo someone may snap of you. Instant dimension! Just be sure to only go 1-2 shades deeper than your skin tone to avoid looking stripey.”

And there you have it. Check out the interview we did with Joanna a couple months ago about her career as a MUA here!