Despicable Me 2 Costume Guide: Gru, Lucy and the Minions

Despicable Me Costume Guide

Minions are the hottest thing since that sunburn you had two summers ago when you fell asleep on the surface of the sun. At more than $898.5 million, Universal’s Despicable Me 2 was the highest grossing movie of the summer. The movie’s incredible success and popularity across all ages means that a Despicable Me costume will be highly coveted this Halloween. We’ve compiled the pieces you’ll need to easily transform yourself into Gru, Agent Lucy Wilde (his smart and foxy love interest) or Felonious Gru’s goofy yellow Minions. These costumes can be worn alone but, if you can get the whole gang together, they’ll look even better. Imagine a couple as Gru and Lucy and their kids as Minions! It’s so cute it’s almost nauseating! And with the third movie installment, Minions, set to be released in the summer of 2015, you can plan on being extra lazy and reusing your costumes for the next five years.


Felonious Gru

Gru Despicable Me

Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, is a former supervillain and the titular character in the Despicable Me series.  The costume for Gru is probably the easiest one to throw together as you will likely have many of the pieces in your closet already. Start with a zippered black jacket on the top (a pea coat will do just fine too) and slim cut black pants on the bottom. The most essential part of the costume is Gru’s signature striped scarf. Loop a black or grey striped scarf, like this almost perfect match, around the neck once and let the ends fall down the chest. To complete the look, wear a pair of black chelsea boots and darken your eyebrows with a brow pencil or eyeliner. If you really want to go all out, shave your head bald and buy an elongated nose at a costume shop, otherwise you can just pick up a basic bald cap.

Gru Despicable Me Halloween Costume DIY


Agent Lucy Wilde

Agent Lucy Wilde Despicable-Me

Voiced by the talented and hilarious Kristen Wiig, Lucy Wilde is a new character to the Despicable Me franchise. Lucy Wilde is an undercover agent in the Anti-Villain League who partners with Gru to defeat the movie’s villain “El Macho.” To get Lucy’s costume down, you’ll need a few things: a turquoise slip dress or spaghetti strap maxi and a turquoise trench or long coat. If you can’t find turquoise, a bright blue will also work. Note: you can always grab things in white and dye them the right color with fabric dye. An essential piece to Lucy’s ensemble is her pink polka dot scarf like this one from As for the hair, you can pick up a red wig or even color your hair with a copper hair dye and put it up in a bun. To finish of the look, put on a pair of white heels and wear some blue or turquoise sunglasses on your head. Don’t forget your flamethrower!

Lucy Despicable Me 2 Halloween Costume DIY



Minions Despicable Me

These innocent, simple-minded and cylindrical creatures are the most wanted costume from Despicable Me’s cast of characters. To transform yourself into an adorable and silly Minion, you’ll need to get a few things together. Most importantly, you need to make yourself yellow. Either wear a yellow hoodie or a yellow long sleeve t-shirt. Use pipe cleaners to add hair to the hood of the sweatshirt or a yellow beanie. Now find some denim overalls and a pair of black gloves. Seal the deal with a pair of goggles (essential) and black shoes. Yellow face paint would be a good addition to the overall look but it is not necessary. Also, Minions love bananas!

(Scroll down for some Minion goggle tutorial links.)


Minion Despicable Me Halloween Costume DIY

We’ve scoured the internet and found 2 awesome Minion goggle DIYs. Below is a great tutorial video from popular You Tuber Bethany Mota. Go to the 5:04 mark to learn how to construct the goggles or watch the whole thing to get tips on how to turn our kid costume into a cute version for women.

This link from 30 Minute Crafts has a slightly easier DIY that shows you how to make a quick pair of goggles. Just swap the 3D glasses with clear framed glasses or sunglasses with the lenses popped out and you’ll be good to go!

Bee-do. Bee-doooooo