An Outfit Inspired by the PSL: Plaid Shirt, Scarf & Leggings

Pumpkin Spice Lattes embody the autumn season in a cup. We eagerly await them all year and finally, in the fall, we get to enjoy their frothy spicy goodness! To celebrate the deliciousness of this popular autumnal drink and the joy it brings, we’ve come up with an outfit inspired by this beautiful season and the trending “PSL” (an acronym made famous by Starbucks). Now presenting: the most comfortable thing you will wear all season: the Plaid Shirt, Scarf & Leggings outfit, aka The PSL. This effortlessly casual and cool look is easy to achieve and is just as addicting as the Pumpkin Spice Latte that inspired it.

PSL: Plaid Shirt, Scarf & Leggings, an outfit inspired by the Pumpkin Spice Latte

A plaid shirt provides a perfect dose of autumn to this outfit. Pop on a warm plaid shirt, or perhaps your man’s flannel for an extra comfy fit. Whatever style you choose to wear, be sure your plaid is long enough to cover your rear when you stand up and always choose the softest fabrics you can find to achieve maximum cozyness.

The scarf will add flavor, just like the “spice” in a PSL! Try something sparkly and glam, or maybe a chunky knit. A scarf makes a statement, so pick something that goes with your current mood. You can choose from a variety of fall scarves on

Leggings bring that extra layer of comfort; wear a nice thick pair. You will never go wrong with a basic black style, but now that leggings are available in so many different styles and materials you could rock a faux leather, or perhaps ones with paneling detail.

To complete this ensemble, just add a cute pair of shoes and do up your hair. This casual look can be dressed up or down based on your shoe of choice. A pair of boots will do perfectly for leaf-stomping and farmers-market-meandering. For hair, a large bun worn on the top of the head is a simple way to appear both relaxed and put together. You can also wear your hair down in soft waves for an effortless windswept look. When all else fails, loosely braid your hair to the side and let it fall over your shoulder. Bonus Hair Tip: You can quickly take these hairstyles from day to night. The bun and the braid will give your hair that soft wave look just by wearing them all day and then taking them out and gently tousling.

For more inspiration, check out Starbucks’ website: They’ve sparked a revolution! They’re the ones that coined “PSL,” and I think there’s a deeper reason why the acronym (and the drink it represents) has become so popular. You see, P.S.L. resonates so much with people because it has come to represent the entire spirit of autumn. It represents the changing of seasons, knowing the holidays are coming, the anticipation for cold months in bundled clothes, family gatherings, festivities with friends, and, yes, most importantly, the endless orders of the PSL drink. Now that you are wearing your very own PSL outfit, you’re in the perfect gear to enjoy all that fall has to offer. Now go grab yourself a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy!