7 Items Every Girl Should Have In Her Car


Toss out the junk in your trunk and make room for these seven items every girl should have in her car:

1.  An umbrella.

Why:  Because frizzy hair was never the look you were going for.

2.   A pair of black leggings and jacket.

Why:  When you’ve under-dressed and get chilly, a pair of leggings will match with nearly everything. In addition, a good jacket will also work wonders when it’s chilly. Check out our post on Biker Jackets for some good options, including a stylish coat from JC Penny’s for $14.99.

3.   An emergency kit, including first aid.

Why:  Do you live in the Midwest?  South? West coast? East coast? Well that covers hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and blizzards. You’ll never know when you’ll need these life-saving items. If nothing else, you can use the band-aids in the first aid kit for the blisters you’ll get from breaking in that new pair of heels.

4.   A bikini.

Why:  Because it’s tiny enough to shove in your glove compartment, and you just never know.

This fashionable itsy bitsy bikini is a steal, top is just $14.95, bottom is $12.95 from H&M.

“Let’s go for a swim in the pool!”

“Oh, no sorry, I can’t I didn’t pack a swimsuit.” That will never be you.

5.   Jumper cables.

Why:  Because you can’t always rely on someone else to have them. Sure, you’ll still need to find another car to connect to, but having the cables is half the battle.

6.   AAA card.

Why:  Do you want to change a flat tire by yourself? Do you want to call the car dealer just to get the keys that you locked in your car? No? Then get AAA. It’s less than 50 bucks a year, and you can get discounts when using your card at a variety of hotels.

7.   A pair of flats.

Why: Because after an entire day in heels, sometimes you need to relieve your poor battered feet. They are also much easier and safer to drive in than six inch heels.

A pair of inexpensive flats from H&M start at $12.95 and are comfortable and stylish.

If not a pair of ballet flats, keep a pair of cheap flip-flops in your trunk. Your feet will thank you. Also, just as having a pair of flats in the trunk will be helpful, so will having a pair of heels. You never know when you’ll need to dress up an outfit for a night out. Pay attention to our “Shoe of the Week” features for ideas.

Undoubtedly there are a variety of other must-have items you should be carting around. At the minimum, keep these seven around for safety, beauty and convenience.