The Best Pastel Hair for Summer 2017

Looking for a new summer look? Candy colored hair has become the summer hair trend. Channel your inner unicorn by dyeing your locks with every pastel on the spectrum. Or if that’s too bold for you, try a single pastel for a monochromatic look with a bit of flare. We’ve compiled some different pastel hair tones you can try for the summer, tips on what to expect before you throw your head in a bowl of soft colors and how to maintain your new pastel locks.

What Color to Dye Your Hair


Believe it or not, lavender is actually a very versatile hair tone being suitable for outfits that are both warm and cool toned. It’s the perfect in between of blue, silver and pink.


Dusty rose

Dyeing your hair to a whole new color is definitely scary, especially when the desired color is a bit unconventional. Dusty rose is the perfect tone that is one step above natural hair color (it’s perfect if your hair is a lighter brown) but still adds something unique to your look.



If your style is more on the girly side and your closet is comprised of warmer tones, peach is the perfect pastel hair color for you.


Icy blue

Icy blue suits anyone that likes to dress in cool tones like navy, grey and indigo. It’s also a great color for those who don’t want to look too girly or young.



You don’t have to worry about color coordinating your outfits with the neutral but eye catching hair tone. Silver is great for those who like to dress on the edgier side.



Can’t decide on a color? No problem. Give your look a whole new makeover with multiple pastels in your locks. You definitely don’t have to worry about investing in summer statement pieces with this new hairdo.



If one color isn’t enough and multiple colors is a bit too much for you, opt for a pastel ombre. Your hair will get a more luxe textured look rather than just having a splash of color on your head.


How to Prep Your Hair for Pastels


Go to a trusted professional

If you’re going to dye your entire head, it’s best to go to a hair stylist that has experience. In general, hair coloring sessions are expensive and so are the touch up sessions after, but it’s well worth it to ensure you don’t have any bleach mishaps at home. Make sure this is a cost you factor into your summer look.

Ask for a bond builder

Bleaching and exposing your hair to harsh chemicals can potentially do a lot of damage to it. Ask your colorist to add a bond builder to create a barrier that’ll protect your hair cuticles during the color process to minimize the harm from the dye.

Start with bleaching your locks

For those with darker hair, dyeing it a softer hue will prove to be much more difficult. For your hair to absorb the color you want, all of its color molecules must be removed to make room for the new color.

How to Maintain Your Pastels


Avoid washing your hair

Dry shampoo is going to become your new best friend after your trip to the salon. Even with all the products on the shelves that promise to protect your new hair color, it will inevitably fade with each wash. Keep your hair fresh and clean with alternate methods to spread out your visits to your colorist.

Use sulfate-free shampoo

Dyeing your hair is not cheap. If you really must wash your hair every day (and want to keep your new hue for as long as possible) switch out your normal shampoo for a sulfate-free option that won’t fade your new color.

Mix semi-permanent dye into your conditioner

You probably don’t want the color you spent hundreds on to fade in a week. By mixing semi-permanent dye into your conditioner (like Manic Panic), you can keep adding color to your hair while moisturizing it.

From silvery lavender to dusty rose, pastel hair is definitely eye catching and a fun way to change your look for the summer. But it’s important to be aware of the cost and time it takes for upkeep. If you prepare yourself beforehand of what’s to come, pastel hair just might be for you.