Trend Spotlight: Oxford Flats

Every so often, a shoe comes around that goes with every outfit, a shoe that’s both classy and edgy. Equal parts comfy and cool, it makes its rounds on the street style circuit and finds its way into our closets. This spring, that shoe has proven to be the oxford flat. Everyone can appreciate this menswear-inspired look for its stylish construction and sheer variety of materials, colors, and prints. Whether you’re completely on board with the menswear trend or not (yet), we think that oxfords deserve to be at the top of your spring must-haves list because of their versatility and their timelessness.


A Brief History of Oxfords

In the eighteenth century, the oxford was born so that men had a shoe that they could go to for both casual and formal settings. The shoe quickly became popular among students at (you guessed it) Oxford University. Though oxfords were originally made for men, women adopted them in the 1920s as a part of the flapper aesthetic, and we’ve kept them around ever since. Our version is considerably less traditional than that of our male counterparts. Traditional oxfords for men consist of one piece of leather with a toe-cap, but today, oxfords for both men and women are available in canvas styles, boot-like styles, and styles with or without laces, to name a few.

Why We Love Them

Women’s fashion has a history of borrowing inspiration from the boys. And, with these shoes’ comfort and sturdy construction, how could we not love these menswear-inspired kicks that add a tough-girl element to whatever outfit they’re paired with? From dressing up your skinny jeans to making those ultra-feminine dresses just a little cooler, oxfords are incredibly versatile. We’re always quick to fall in love with shoes that serve more than one purpose. With so many prints and colors to choose from (read: leopard, floral, polka dot, you name it), you can certainly pick up more than one pair. It’s okay, we won’t tell.

Three Ways to Style

1.) Slim Pants

If you want to pair your oxfords with skinny trousers, we suggest opting for a chunky style for a nice contrast. We love this option for work; oxfords are just as sophisticated as heels, but you won’t have to take them off during your commute.


2.) Dresses and Skirts

Want to make your lace dresses or skater skirts a little more edgy? Add some oxfords to your look. Sure, this pairing is bold and unexpected, but that’s what makes it so effortlessly cool. We’d choose this look for date night. No heels, no problem!


3.) Boyfriend Jeans

Baggy, distressed denim gets a taste of refinement when paired with oxfords. They add a structured touch to these oversized jeans, and it’s always fun to mix textures. Besides, if you’re going to rock the menswear trend, why not go all out?


There’s a reason why women have been rocking oxfords for the last hundred years. It’s hard not to love a pair of shoes that does double, triple, or quadruple duty. Oxfords can transition seamlessly from casual settings to date night and from the office to happy hour. Whether you choose them for their comfort, their cool factor, or their practicality, we think this classic style is a definite must both for spring and for seasons to come.