What Your Taste in Wine Says About You

Ever hear the saying you are what you eat?  Well, we think it should go more like you are what you drink!  We believe that someone’s taste in wine says a lot about them.  Your wine choice is a very insightful thing.  It’s your crystal ball into seeing who someone really is.  Take a look for yourself.  From the intellectual and oh-so-savvy Merlot to the more off-the-wall Zinfandel, find out what your favorite wine has to say about your personality.


Cabernet is a full-bodied wine with dark fruit flavors and notes of spicy black pepper.  Just like this wine, you’re the kind of person to immediately grab people’s attention.  No beating around the bush; you get straight to the point.

Pair with: Beef Short Ribs



Sophisticated and classy, Chardonnay exhibits sweet notes of vanilla and caramel.  While a little overly decadent at times, this is for the over-the-top, louder-than-life movie star inside of you.  So pop open a bottle of Chardonnay and unleash your inner Meryl Streep.  

Pair: Frittata


Well-structured and earthy, Merlot brings with it essences of tobacco and oak.  Merlot drinkers are not party animals. They’d rather spend their nights contemplating the finer points of life and, you know, drinking more Merlot.  If you’ve ever seen Sideways, then that pretty much sums it up.

Pair: Grilled Pork Chops with Orange Barbecue Sauce



Sweet, sweet, and… did we mention sweet? Rosé is the love child of red and white wines.  Perfect for long afternoons out in the sun.  Rosés are for the carefree girl that simply loves to have fun.  You bridge the gap between wines, like you do between people when you gather all your friends together.  You’re the center of attention and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pair: Beet Salad

Pinot Grigio

Bitter and sweet at the same time, Pinto Grigio combines flavors of vanilla with the sturdy smoke of oak.  For the professional woman, there’s really no other wine.  You enjoy the finer things in life and don’t take orders from anyone.

Pair: Pan Seared Halibut

Pinot Noir


Earthy, dark, and sweet, we think Olivia Pope or Maleficent when it comes to Pinot Noir being your wine of choice.  You don’t fit into stereotypes and you challenge others to rise to your standards.  The complex flavors in Pinot Noir aren’t for everyone, but there’s something about the notes of dark chocolate and its strong aroma that help bring out your mysterious side.

Pair: Roasted Mushrooms


Ports are silky, rich, and nutty.  You are a nostalgic type by nature, and an unapologetic, hopeless romantic.  Seriously, if you drink port, you kind of have to be…(because no one drinks port anymore, right?).

Pair: Plum and Port Tart



Chiantis are fruity, acidic, and just bitter enough to let you know that they’re not messing around.  Sophisticated but lively, you’re the kind of girl who wants to see and experience it all.  In all likelihood, you’re the one in the group who studied abroad in Italy and can’t stop talking about that handsome uomo italiano you fell in love with. 

Pair: Bolognese

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc get its bite from zesty and floral notes–think green apples and white peach.  You love to spend your days at posh social events chatting it up with other well-to-do gals.  Rocking colorful outfits and socializing are two of your trademark activities.

Pair: Spring Panzanella Salad



With flavors of blueberry and black olive, Syrah is a bold and moody wine that commands attention. Syrah drinkers do what they want, whenever they want.  You make a lasting impression on anyone you meet and you like the volume turned up on everything.

Pair: Grilled Moroccan Lamb Chops


Flavors like bubblegum and candied fruit run rampant in Zinfandel.  You’re just that right amount of everything–a little sweet and a little edgy.  Think “overachiever who wears combat boots and listens to alt rock.”

Pair: Grilled Citrus Chicken



Rieslings are aromatic and fruity.  You’re the nicest one in the bunch, sometimes even too nice.  While not everyone might appreciate how genuinely sweet you are, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Your positive vibes make the world a better place, one sip at a time.

Pair: Curried Mussels


Whether you’re the rose-drinking life of the party or the port-sipping hopeless romantic of the bunch, your love of wine speaks volumes about who you are. Own it, because hey, at the end of the day, wine drinkers are the coolest bunch around.  Cheers to that!