YouTube Beauty Vlogger Roundup

Putting on makeup is an art form in its own right. Some of us were born with hands that can flawlessly contour like nobody’s business, while some of us struggle with even just putting on eyeliner. Luckily, we live in a world where we can find out how to do pretty much anything online. Here are our 10 favorite YouTube beauty experts that can help anyone get their makeup game on point.

1. Michelle Phan | MichellePhan

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is hands down one of the most famous YouTube personalities. Her tutorials range from everyday makeup skills to costume looks. She was one of the first beauty vloggers to catapult into success because of her makeup tutorials, which she started posting in May 2007. Since then, she has amassed over 8 million subscribers on her channel, become a spokesperson for Lancôme, and even partnered with L’Oreal to launch her own cosmetic line.

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2. Tina Yong | Tina Creative

Tina Yong

Tina Yong is an Australian makeup artist who is all about trying the latest beauty products on the market. From peel-off lip and eyebrow tattoos to a magnetic face mask, anything is game for Tina. With over 1 million followers, Yong produces videos that will make you want to try it all!

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3. Karen Yeung | IAMKARENO

Karen Yong

From fashion to makeup, Karen Yeung touches on all the essentials we need to know to pull off looks that range from cute to sexy. She adds chill music and subtitles, so you can watch the tutorials and follow along with ease (or even sneak a view at one of her videos while you’re working. We won’t tell).

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4. Sona Gasparian | Simply Sona

Sonia Gasparian

Sona Gasparian is a professional makeup artist turned fashion/beauty blogger. She studied makeup while attending MUD (Make-Up Designory) in Los Angeles, and worked for MAC Cosmetics right after. Her makeup experience is apparent in her videos, which have led to collaborations with Vogue, Glamour, and Elle. The content in her videos cover makeup tutorials, celebrity looks, and fashion tricks that are super easy to follow.

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5. Wayne Goss | gossmakeupartist

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is a passionate makeup artist and skincare expert that debunks beauty myths, and knows which products work or don’t work. With 15 years of makeup experience, this guy knows exactly what he is talking about. What is so great about Goss is that he breaks down intimidating makeup routines like contouring into short, manageable segments that make it easy to mimic.

Our Video Pick:

6. Nicole Guerriero | nguerriero19

Nicole Guerriero

When you watch Nicole Guerriero put on makeup, you’ll be in awe. She does celebrity looks and natural makeup tutorials, but Guerriero really shines in her costume face makeup videos. Her full-on costume makeup demonstrates just how much skill she has as an artist. Her mixture of makeup and face paint will give you so many ideas, you’ll want to be a million different things for Halloween.

Our Video Pick:

7. Patrick Simondac | PatrickStarrr

Patrick Simondac

Makeup isn’t just for ladies. Patrick Simondac proves that men can partake in the makeup game, too. Not only does he put makeup on himself, but he also demonstrates makeup tutorials on other people on his channel. Patrick shows you that makeup has the power to transform you into whoever you want to be.

Our Video Pick: 

8. Jen Chae | frmheadtotoe

Jenn Chae

Nail the basics with Jen Chae’s “Basic 101” videos. Videos like “How to Highlight 101” and “Makeup Brushes 101: What You Need & How To Use Them” give viewers fundamental knowledge of how to do simple makeup routines and how to choose the right makeup tools, too..

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9. Patricia Bright | Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright

Hailing from the UK, Patricia Bright is known for her in-depth haul videos and for breaking down basic beauty routines. From full-on glam makeup to affordable everyday looks, Bright gives great instruction that’ll make pretty much every look attainable.

Our Video Pick: 

10. Jenn Im | clothesencounters

Jenn Im

This Korean-American fashion vlogger started her YouTube channel in 2010 and now has 1.7 million subscribers and over 150 million views. Jenn Im started this channel with content that focused on turning high-fashion into affordable, everyday wear. Now, her videos have expanded to makeup tutorials, lifestyle videos, and advice. She has now been featured on big fashion sites like Refinery 29 and Teen Vogue.

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Whether you are comfortable with doing your own makeup or have zero makeup knowledge at all, you’ll learn countless tricks and hacks from these YouTube beauty bloggers! Their easy-to-follow tutorials will make you want to put on makeup, and their skills prove that makeup is most definitely an art form with endless possibilities.