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    • Gray Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Gray Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • White Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • White Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Royal Blue Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Royal Blue Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Purple Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Purple Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Peacock Blue Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Peacock Blue Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Red Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Red Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Burnt Orange Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Burnt Orange Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Beige Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Beige Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Fuchsia Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Fuchsia Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Orchid Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Orchid Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Neon Yellow Polyester Basic Stretchy Headband
    • Neon Yellow Stretchy Headband
    • $10.00 $3.99
    • Black Acetate Nico Round Sunglasses
    • Nico Round Sunglasses
    • $15.00 $5.00
    • Silver Acetate Penny Sunglasses
    • Penny Sunglasses
    • $15.00 $6.00
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Scarves on Sale

Here is your chance to buy one of our premiere fashion scarves at less than half the price! What's better than a beautiful fashion scarf? A beautiful fashion scarf on sale! Everyone loves a great deal, and we've taken our already great prices and discounted them. With scarves up to 60% off, you can shop all your favorite styles without worrying about hurting your wallet. You'll be sure to find a stunning scarf that will fit your budget. Our great selection of hats, headbands, gloves, and scarves can all find themselves discounted in this category. Wearing the latest trends is easier than ever with our huge selection and fantastic prices.

If you're looking for a gift or just for yourself, we have styles to match any age and personality, whether it be for your beautiful mom or your quirky best friend. Show them that you care with a cozy scarf or accessory that will be a fashion staple in their closet for years to come. They will surely fall in love with any of our gorgeous designs and patterns, all made from the finest and softest materials. With the proper care and maintenance, our scarves will last a lifetime.

The sale items on our site won't last long, so if you see something you love, get it before it's gone. Don't see the scarf you want on sale? Check out Scarf of the Week for a weekly rotation of  featured deals, and who knows? Maybe the odds will be ever in your favor! You never know what style will end up in this category, so make sure to check back often. 

Not sure how to style your newly purchased scarf? We've got you covered. Check out our guide on How to Tie a Scarf to find knots to go with every outfit.
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